Baltimorean Additions to the National Film Registry

Every year the public proposes films for consideration to the National Film Registry of the U.S. Library of Congress. In 2022, 6,865 titles were submitted and two of the 25 films added included films featuring the work of two Baltimore legends: John Waters' Hairspray (1988) and Cab Calloway's Home Movies (1948-1951). There are now 850 … Continue reading Baltimorean Additions to the National Film Registry

“What Is a Baltimorean?” Update

Narration and frame from "What is a Baltimorean?" "On this geographic key board of cities on the eastern seaboard, four of them shine without any stigma, while the folk of the fifth remain an enigma. They are estranged from the other four in the city that's known as Baltimore. Soft by the shores of the … Continue reading “What Is a Baltimorean?” Update

Poquaesak Camp Amateur Films

MARMIA recently received three reels of silent, Kodachrome color 16mm films that total about 300 feet in all (about 11 minutes of footage). The films document the Poquaesak boys' six-week summer camp near the tiny village of McDaniel Station in St. Michael's, Maryland. The movies date from 1939-1946 and largely show boys participating in various … Continue reading Poquaesak Camp Amateur Films

This is Baltimore! Help to Save its History

Donate now The above is a short selection from "This is Baltimore!", a promotional film that was made for the WJZ-TV station in 1959. We need your help to save more historic footage like this! Visit our fundraiser to make a tax-deductible donation. Special thanks to Colorlab in Rockville, Maryland for the in-kind transfer!

Partnership with the Old Greenbelt Theatre

It has been an extremely busy few months here at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive: in June we received our official 501(c)(3) status, which was a few months ahead of schedule! We were prepared to wait several months to hear back from the IRS as was instructed on their website, but we were extremely … Continue reading Partnership with the Old Greenbelt Theatre

Film Recon Mission: Possible!

From guer·ril·la noun \gə-ˈri-lə, ge-, g(y)i-\ : a member of a usually small group of soldiers who do not belong to a regular army and who fight in a war as an independent unit September 6, 2014 1400 hours - 1700 hours Location: Maryland Historical Society (MHS) 201 W. Monument St. Baltimore, Maryland 21201 At the … Continue reading Film Recon Mission: Possible!