Interested in sharing resources, knowledge, and/or crab cake recipes? Please contact MARMIA’s President & CEO, Siobhan Hagan (pronounced “shi-VON”), at


Our main administrative office is located at 414 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218. We also have work space and storage at the Baltimore City Archives, located at 2615 Mathews Street Baltimore, MD 21218.

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  1. Hello I am not sure how to do this but I made a video of carr lowrey glass company that was over 115 years old and closed due to foreign completion in 2003. I have it on utube carr lowrey glass david brecht. Thought there might be of some interest in a company that I worked for over 36 1/2 years.

    Thanks David Brecht

  2. I teach a course: “Baltimore & Maryland, Back Then & Now” at CCBC (Senior institute) & Notre Dame of MD (Renaissance Institute) that has a lot of ‘old’ Baltimore photos. I post some of them on

  3. Hello!
    I am attempting to track down archived episodes of the Buddy Deane show and was told you may have them or had them at some point. Any assistance is appreciated!

  4. my grandad used to live in Baltimore and taped many of the PM Magazine eoisodes , especially those that were about ELVIS . I was looking for any and all episodes they did on ELVIS Presley can i paypal a donation

    1. Hello! Yes, the collection has several Elvis stories, and we have digitized several of them and they are in the queue for upload to our page on the Internet Archive here .

      We would greatly appreciate a donation and can digitize even more with your help! You can donate via Paypal here

      Please email me your contact information and I can send the Elvis videos along once they are up:

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