MARMIA relies on support from individuals, businesses, and other organizations that wish to champion our mission to preserve movies and sounds of the Mid-Atlantic region. Here are some ways that you can help:

Give money. This is the number one way you can make a direct, immediate difference. If you are able, please make a tax deductible donation to our nonprofit. You can donate to MARMIA directly through the PayPal Giving Fund here.  We also have a Membership program, as well as other ways you can shop for yourself while financially supporting MARMIA.

Preserve your own movies and sounds. You and your community have a story that is important to tell and remember. MARMIA can assist, but here are some other resources:

Give your collections. Donating your collections of unique movies and sounds and any rights that you hold is extremely helpful to further MARMIA’s mission and to help sustain our work. You can also donate any collections of older analog film, video, or audio equipment and/or supplies. Please contact us.

Give time. Many archives, especially regional ones, need many different types of volunteers with many different types of skill sets and backgrounds. Here are some ideas for how to offer your time to help MARMIA:

  • Volunteer to share your strengths and/or experience
  • Like, share, and interact with us on social media platforms
  • Advocate for the arts and humanities at the local and the national level

We cannot do our work without your help! Thank you.