In addition to being an access provider of rare media through reformatting and exhibiting, MARMIA also provides educational programming. It is part of our mission to collect and share AV training resources and this is the first of many posts dedicated to promoting this knowledge.

BAVC Media: Hands-On Training with Analog Video Playback Equipment

We’ve partnered with BAVC Media to offer an NEH-funded AV training course, “Hands-On Training with Analog Video Playback Equipment.” MARMIA is one of the national community hubs working with BAVC to provide this experiential training and education that is otherwise difficult or expensive to access through graduate-level degree programs and on-the-job technical training. The course consists of asynchronous pre-recorded video resources as well as synchronous optional office hours. Participants learn proper handling and care of videotape media and apply this knowledge to document, diagnose, and repair damaged media.

BAVC’s Remote Education Kit (REK) in a common space at Impact Hub Baltimore. The kit includes a Sony SVO-1430 (VHS deck), a Sony PVM 8044q (CRT monitor), a Leader 5860C (waveform scope), and a Horita CSG-50 (Color Bar, Sync, and Audio Tone Generator) among other tools and supplies not pictured here.

Betacam Mechanical Diagnosis

This video training tape was recently donated and digitized. It is a guide to diagnosing Betacam issues. Resources like this are important as magnetic tapes continue to deteriorate and need to be digitally transferred, and playback machines become more difficult and costly to find and maintain.

Sony Video Fundamentals

We’ve digitized this recently donated 1979 Sony Video Recording Course. Topics include:
1. Elements of Magnetic Recording (video) (booklet)
2. Video Recording (video) (booklet)
3. Scanner Systems (video) (booklet)
4. Tape Formats (video) (booklet)
5. Tape Transports (video) (booklet)
6. Scanner Servo Systems (video) (booklet)
7. Luminance Processing (video) (booklet)
8. Color Signal Processing (video) (booklet)

Tektronix Training Videotapes

We’ve digitized this recently donated series of Tektronix Training Videotapes. Topics include:
1. Basic Waveform Monitoring (video)
2. Chrominance Non-Linearities (video)
3. Component Monitoring with Lightning (video)
4. Luminance Non-Linearity (video)
5. Line Time, Field Time and Long Time Distortions (video)
6. Differential Phase (video)
7. Chrominance-to-Luminance Gain and Delay Inequalities (video)
8. Differential Gain (video)
9. Short Time Distortions and K Factor Measurements (video)
10. Transmitter Measurements (video)
11. Frequency Response (video)
12. Group Delay (video)

Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

MARMIA is actively collecting issues of the Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). This is an award-winning professional journal that offers detailed technical information regarding motion-imaging science throughout the majority of the lifespan of film and television. The issues that we have are available for researchers to view onsite at the Baltimore City Archives. Please contact them for an appointment here. You can search what issues we do have in this spreadsheet (please contact if you would like to donate SMPTE Journals to MARMIA).

MARMIA’s collection of Journal of the SMPTE is available at Baltimore City Archives by appointment.

Endless Loop Video Cartridge LV-5/LV-10 Operating Instructions

This instruction page is one example of the many instructions, manuals, and advertisements MARMIA founder and CEO, Siobhan Hagan, has been collecting for years.

Stay tuned for more resources!

This blog post was written by Joana Stillwell, MARMIA’s AV Archivist.