MARMIA relies on support from individuals, businesses, and other organizations that wish to champion our mission to preserve movies and sounds of the Mid-Atlantic region. We are beyond grateful for your much-needed contribution!

We are a non-profit tax deductible 501 (c)(3) organization. Please consider making a financial donation today through the PayPal Giving Fund.

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In order to properly preserve unique audiovisual records of history, MARMIA needs the equipment to playback and digitize all analog audiovisual formats: S-VHS, U-matic, Betacam, DigiBeta, Betamax, audio compact cassette tapes, 1/4″ open reel audio, 1/2″ open reel video, MII, and the list goes on. We also need any related equipment to reproducing a quality analog video or audio signal, including: waveform monitors, vectorscopes, timebase correctors, BNC cables, XLR cables, S-video cables, splicing blocks, video head cleaning supplies. We also conduct motion picture film inspection and repair, and are in need of all equipment and supplies to undertake this work: film rewinds, Moviolas and other 8mm/Super8mm/16mm film viewers, split reels, guillotine and Presstape splicers and tape, film cleaning supplies, etc. Please contact us if you would like to donate equipment or supplies.

Do you own any films, videos, or audiotapes that document the Mid-Atlantic region? Please reach out and contact us if you are interested in donating them to MARMIA’s collections. Please review our standard Deed of Gift agreement below that we require donors to sign. Financial contributions are very welcome with the gifting of a collection and will fast-track digitization, but are not required.