MARMIA recently received three reels of silent, Kodachrome color 16mm films that total about 300 feet in all (about 11 minutes of footage). The films document the Poquaesak boys’ six-week summer camp near the tiny village of McDaniel Station in St. Michael’s, Maryland. The movies date from 1939-1946 and largely show boys participating in various outdoor camp activities, e.g. sailing, horseback riding, archery, fishing, sports, etc. These films were donated by Brian Markham, who did not know much about their origin. He had found them in his parents’ house with a number of family movies from the 1920s to 1940s. Brian’s father attended this summer camp in the late 1930s. While Brian couldn’t identify his father in any of the films, he suggested that perhaps his father took these movies while he was at camp, maybe as part of a project. One of the films has title cards that describe upcoming scenes like “Tennis” and “Baseball”.

The films are in great shape and have been inspected and rehoused into preservation containers by our MIAP summer intern, Mike Stetz. Big thanks to Mike for his work, and thank you to Brian Markham for his donation of these films to MARMIA! Please make a financial donation today to help us get these films scanned and digital files uploaded to the Internet Archive for the world to see.