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Bunny’s Home Movies

By Siobhan Hagan Clip from Druid Hill Park Zoo (1927). Many people may cringe at the idea of watching other people’s home movies. For example, my boyfriend subtly noted that my family home videos mostly document the lives of our many dogs rather than those of the humans. However, home movies are treasure troves full … Continue reading

The Patron Saint of Lost Places

The Patron Saint of Lost Places

By Siobhan Hagan My previous blog entry mentioned two U.S.P.O. films shot in the unknown destination of St. Georges, Maryland. After very little time spent on research this week, I discovered that St. Georges is indeed the place where I grew up! No one calls it that anymore, and the only inkling of that name … Continue reading

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

By Siobhan Hagan To help celebrate Maryland Day, I would like to present the Maryland Moving Image Archive (MarMIA) Blog. Welcome one and all, from the current Maryland resident to the person across the world who isn’t exactly sure where Maryland is located on a map. I hope that you not only learn about the … Continue reading