We are very excited to be a part of this wonderful program at the Media and Communication Studies Department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)!

MARMIA’s WJZ Collection will be one of the four projects in this summer’s CoLab. The CoLab intern research team will explore our WJZ-TV Collection which contains A/V materials including daily news broadcasts, documentary specials, sports footage, and locally produced shows created by WJZ from 1960 through 2000. Researchers will have the opportunity to explore how the collection documents the history of broadcasting in Baltimore, the history of the city itself, and the broader national context of this time period. Based on their research, the team will create a webpage housed on the MARMIA website giving an overview of the collection and its significance, highlights from the collection, and direction on how to search the collection. The webpage will include both written essays and videos created during the internship. This is a very unique research experience, as the WJZ-TV Collection is a very rare collection— nationwide there are only a handful of network affiliate station archives that have survived and are this comprehensive.

UMBC Interdisciplinary CoLab: Narrative-based Paid Internship
CoLab is a 4-week paid summer narrative-based research internship for undergraduate UMBC students. Participants will create an effective narrative about UMBC’s campus, communities, and lives with an interdisciplinary team of students. Participants receive a $3000 stipend and a tuition scholarship for a 3-credit internship course. The internship commitment is 30 hours per week during Summer Session One.

The deadline to apply: Fri Mar 11, 2022.

Learn more at: https://summer.umbc.edu/summer-at-umbc/beyond-the-classroom/colab/