The following are incomplete inventories of transcribed tape/reel labels of audiovisual items within various series of the WJZ-TV Collection. You can learn more about the WJZ-TV Collection in this blog post and watch digitized items from our collections on our Internet Archive page, Mid-Atlantic Media.

Due to limited staffing, MARMIA cannot offer any research assistance.

The best way to search the WJZ-TV Collection inventories is to keyword search using the search box on our website (top right). Search results will provide you with the series inventory (or inventories) that your term is located in. Please keep in mind that some series are more described than others, such as the “Eyewitness News” inventory which is only searchable by date and not by subject.

For a search example, typing “bands” into MARMIA’s website search box gives the following series inventory results: PM Magazine, People Are Talking, and  Buddy Deane Show/Shakedown. Visiting those inventories and then hitting Control F to then enter “bands” into that search box. This will find the term within that inventory page (make sure you let the inventory page fully load).

If you would like to watch any of the films and videos in the below inventories that have not yet been digitized, we require the item to be digitized

Digitization requires a fee based on quantity, condition, and format of the items. Delivery of the digitized files will be via Dropbox link for you to download. Due to limited staffing, digitization and delivery will take several weeks.

Please fill out this digitization request form and we will send you a quote. If you have multiple items you would like to be digitized, please fill out the request form multiple times, with one form entry per one item requested. For example, if you want the tape “11/25/83 Late show” and the “11/26/83 late show” tapes digitized and they are both located in box Eyewitness News Box 49, you are still required to fill out two forms before we can begin to work on your request.

WJZ-TV Collection Inventories: browse or search for keywords!

City Line

Evening Magazine / PM Magazine

Eyewitness News

Field Tapes

Kids Baffle

NASA Footage

People Are Talking


Square Off

Tape Library