29 items; circa 1990: The NASA series consists of dubs on Betacam and U-Matic videocassettes. We believe that this footage was collected for a story that was done by WJZ on Payload Specialist Samuel T. Durrance, Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. He is a co-investigator for the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, one of the instruments of the Astro Observatory.

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NASA Footage Inventory

Box 1.

  1. 41-G Crew Training: September 12, 1984
  2. Preparation & Packaging of Food for Space Flight
  3. 61-E Crew Training – KG 135 Flight and De-Orbit Prep: Date – January 23, 1986
  4. Fire Fighting Training
  5. JSC 956 – (Firefighter Training)
  6. CL  1175 – (Durrance/Parise Payload Specialist Clio)

7.Payload Specialist Training (T-38)

  1. VCL1173 – (Mission Control & T-38 Training)
  2. VCL 1198 – (Space Station Assembly)
  3. Orbitor Thermal Protection System
  4. BBXRT Crew Training: April 28, 1989
  5. JSC 950 Durrance/Parise – (PS Clip)
  6. Johns Hopkins University – CL1162
  7. Air Force Jobs Fire Protection
  8. Hopkins Astronaut


Box 2.

  1. Payload Specialist Durrance Training Clip
  2. Payload Specialist Training Clip
  3. STS-35 Status Briefing: Date – April 26, 1990
  4. 51-L Teaching TR/ Meeting w/ Crew: Food Evaluation, Clothing & Gear Fitting
  5. Shuttle Footage RF Dub
  6. CL 1021 Earth Passes from Low Orbit
  7. 1990 Mission Press Clips From NASA – (JSC 1160 Durrance and Perise STS-35; JSC 1162 Firefighting and Bailout Class)
  8. Hopkins Footage of Durrance/Pilot
  9. STS Integrated Sim In SMS & MOCR: Date – May 3, 1990

NASA/KSC Video Release: Subject – (STS-35/Astro 1 Rollout to Pad A (1 of 1)) Master Date – April 22, 1990

NASA/KSC Video Release: STS-35 TCDT Activities (1 of 1)

Post Flight Press Conference