Typically unedited camera original videotapes.

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Field Tapes Inventory

Box 1.

78 Open Jay, 6/11

Baltimore Promo Transfer

Best Dub from Dean Siton, Feb 92

Club and School Presentation, Dec 92

School Presentation, April 30 92

Real Estate

Transfer to VHS

Ducks Unlimited Promo Tapes, 93

Music Trumpet Sting, Mar 92

Old Morning Edition Opening, 1982

Maryanna Fava Interview

Milenn Construction, Apr 96

FAVA Building & Stills

Lynne Brick Interview Photos

Lynne Brick photos & Gym work

Johnathan Edge Interview

Johnathan Edge photos, etc.

Murdock Playing Ball

Garland’s Interview Snots Proven Snot, Mar 96

Garland’s Photographs Employees, Mar 96

Todd Grimsted Interview Photos/Studio/Music

Ken White Interview Singing Photos

Ricky Esler Exteriors Interview

Huffman Interview photos, etc.

Milenn photos

Marshall Madow Interview

Bruce Har 7 Interview

Patrick Simpson Interview

Herb Scowarts Art Exhibit

W.I.T.H Bob Mothers Interview

Murdoc Interview

David Possible Music

Music (Electric Boogie, Do unto others groovin’)


Box 2.

Dianna Holly at family Cntr

Granville Trumper Interview

Coast Guard Yard Interview

Elise Dave’s Interior


Fred Shoken & Donna Interview

Sue Hurley Interview

Durrance Seg 1

Erin Spelicells

Tape #8 Sea Ship

Elise Davis

Jim & Ruth McCanna Interview

Walt Lambert Interview

Ray Mathews Fencing Champion

Linda Marshner Interview

Rowwie Dowe

Phil Tawws Interview

Bill Boucher stills, etc.

Monroe Frederick Interview

Dick Blose Interview Playing Organ

Ray Mathews

Canton Co BMI

Joel Eagle- Lou Culfeu Mssg

40th Open & Close

Time to Care, 9/4/88

Denise & Eve 40th Special

Time to Care “Magic Me”

Magic Me Dub


Fog Horn, Less Gulls, Bird Carip

Sound Effects Crimes

Entire Dub 1977 Jimmy Skateboards, 1977

Timonium Fair Jobs


Box 3.

OSC 1052R Commitment to Challenge

Auditions: The Making of a sportscaster

Auditions 2: The Making of a sportscaster

Audition 3: The Making of a sportscaster

Ed Kane #7

Bernie Goodman Interview


Ed Kane Stills

Tonight Show Dub

Randy Interview & Stills

Mickey Ligust performance

Lionel Hampton Music

Chewy Chewy Music

The Bob & Loop Bongs music

Drive my car Beatles music

Ramblin Rose not Cole music

Come go with me Del Vikings

Adeste Fideles Percy Faith music

Joe Jackson Place of Glory Music


Box 4.

Keep on Dancing Music

Marty’s Garden

US Navy Hospital ship Sanctuary @ Dock

Angela Gibson Dub for now & then



Prom Promise

Mary Hedley Performance

Sweet Adelins Vogel, 10/13

Dr. Carson Spirit Award, 1/10/99

Smith’s Shipyard Surprise, Jul 93

PRIDE, 10/4/95

Gov. Votes Primaries

Mayor on Guns-Fire Dept-Norplants

UEB Bridge, 5/30

East Balto Shooting

Now & Then Morning Opens

Jay Miller footage, 6/16

Save for Dor No7, 2/28/96

Hold for Fun-Yirt, Apr 96

Ae Ieaslele, 5/4

Gamnat Opens

Photographs for Appeals week, Dec 94

Vets Bridge, 5/30


Box 5.

Use for Traces only

Timmy Training Session 8/21/93

Pride II Surprise

Blobbs Park Dancing, etc.

Bur Gardner Interview

Twins B-day Party

Todd Tracks

Mos Poter Interview

Jackie Wallac Interview

Ora Reed Interview

Mos Poter

Blobbs Park Interview

Celeste Interview

Patrick Simpson

Maria Broom interview

Geo Balol Interview

Elaine Curtis Interview

Coffee Ladies

Nola TWAMBY Interview

Lopez Saddiro Interview

Robt Dorsey Silver Spoons Interview

Sidney Kemper Welsh Interview

Von Paris Interviews

Carmen Amendori

Carmen Amendori 2

Jeri Lears Interview

Rolf Hertsguard Interview

Rolf Hertsguard Interview Only

Jeri Lears Interview 2

Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown Royalette

Jaan Sulg Interview

Charlie Logue Riding Bike


Box 6.

Charlie Logue Interview

Susan Bowdor Interview #2, Dec 92

Susan Bowdor Interview #1, Dec 92

Code Three Hector, Dec 92

Hector Torres Interview

Hot Rod Radio Station

Hot Rod Interview

Will Taylor Interview

Get to Know #9 Nashime Wilkie

It’s Planted Here

Gam’s MacFaddon Interview

Steve MacMillan Wrestling

Jim Nelson Interview

Steve MacMillan Interview

Frederic Stills

Bob Jones Interview

Stacey Clough Interview #1

Stacey Stills & Dancing

Phil Thomas Photos

Phil Thomas Magic Show Performance

Reggie Thomas Dancing/Singing

Bill Bougher III Interview

Granville Trimper Jr. Ripes

Monster Factory Interview

Canton Scenic

TG Lomos Studio Working

Dub of Gorgeous George #2

Rijon Friend Hair Styling

Dick Lloyd Street Car Buff

Frdne Mona Interview

Dick Blose Stills

Frank Meall Band Playing

American Turner Interview

American Turner Dance

Reggie Thomas Interview



Bob Haynes Interview



Box 7.

Bob Haynes Interview #2

Lucky’s Lynch Interview

Earl Borman Playing/Singing

Sportsmen Lounge A

Sportsmen Lounge C

Glen Fields Church Singing

Jackie Ambot Photos

Jackie Ambot Interview

Geo Huden Interview

Judle Dodae

J Clown 4100 Clubs

Sandy Watters Interview

Dr. Donald Proctor Interview

Rossie Material

Jodi Wingfield Ref figist, 6/6/95

Sandra Crawford Playing

Jodi Wingfield Interview

George Lewis Interview

Sandra Crawford Interview

Dr. Donald Proctor Stills

Glen Fields Photos

Nancy Interview, Jun 27

Tommy Interview

Rodger Dicking Playing Only

Rodger Dicking Interview

Bob Rood Gym

Rood Interview

Von Paris Playing

Beverly Welsh Interview

Laloni Love RN

Max Powers Interviews

Linda Heywood Interviews

Kim Suerth

Oherbein Peanuts

Mike El Interview


Box 8.

Ed Weibe Interview #2

Ed Weibe Interview #1

Ladybug Watching TV Interview

Stuart Garbis Watching TV

Stuart Garbis #2

Migleue Deangelis Interview

Kewso Partt

Kewso Interview

Mike El Performing #2

James Miles Interview, 4/18/78

Richard Swirnow Interview

JC Greene Working #2

Penny Friedman in Kitchen, Jan 92

Penny Friedman Interview

JC Greene Interview

Jerry Massoni Interview

Jerry Massoni Playing

Pow Interviews

Dahlia Hirsch #2 Photos

Ron exercise & welding

Richard Tome’ Working #2

Richard Tome’ Interview

Elizabeth Williams Interview

Quantico Ave Fire

Soft Tones Photos

Soft Tones Interview

Sammy Ross #3 Photos

Sammy Ross #2 Pizza Pub

Dahlia Hirsch Interview

Lucky’s Interview

Jessica Volz Interview

Rosa Pryor Stills

Rosa Pryor Interview

Mike Nobile Interview

Fred King Chior Practice

Fred King Interview

Prof Ballenting Interview

Jessica Volz Photos


Box 9.

Jack Benson Interview

Jack Benson Dancing

Paul Seipp Nursing Home

Sportsmen Lounge A

Jesse Yahn Interview

Bill Shenton #1 Interview

Promic Velleggia Interview

Lucky’s #2 Interview

Sammy’s Ross playing @ Raza Pub

Flannigan #1

Jerry Commercial

Rosemarie Folic Interview

Garris MacFadden Interview #2

Borman Sings

Earl Borman Interview #2

Glenfield’s Interview

Brian Costantini Interview #1

Dr. Miller Interview

Flannigan Exteriors

Dick Smith Interview

Carlos Johnson Tribute

Carlos Interview Stills

Jenn Kettal Students Dance

Jenn Kettal Interview

Bob Jones Interview #2

Bob Jons Personal Material #1

Bomb Scare, Apr 94

Paul Seipp Interview, Jan 95

Mary Robinson Watching TV #1

Pheonyx #1

Carlos Johnson Tribute #3


Box 10.

Broken Arrow

Waiting to Exhale

Better off Dead

12 Monre

How to Make an Amer Quilt


Bob James “Ashanti”

Disney Footage


Changing Careers, Sep/Oct 83

Made In Maryland, Nov 82

I can get it for you cheaper, Feb 84

On The Block

How to Buy your Dream Home, Oct 82

It’s My Party, 3/8/96


Sharon Weuul #2

Dornie Miller #5, #7

L.Bias #4

#1, #7



#1, #49

Hawaii Wax

Hawaii Five o-Baby Birth

News reel Open & Close, 1/24


Box 11.



L/O Open

Denise Koch 150

Casual 401


Low Haddy


Voice Over


Stills PopPop JBT


Stephen Brown Master News, 1988

Yard Sale

Jimmy Speed

HoCo Coach

Town for Sale

306 Crime Story

Magic Me Graphics

03 Dub, 10/29


Magic Me Graphics


Mayor Barry

Roosevelt Inaug, 33

Food That Can Kill Dug

Who Murdered JFK, 11/18/88

Police Unit

Programming Countdown

Police Projects

Rewind EFX

Pegsy Noohan Pix

Radon N/C, 9/19

F.N.M, 12/9/85

Royal Parker


Box 12.

Solid Gold

Stella Story

Sat 11pm

Ray Goodman & Brown Interview

Royal Parker

Brill Master

Organ Transplant

Word Tape Seg 3

Civil War end

WJZ History

40s Open Freezes

Now & Then

Saton Part 3

Condon Series 1

Sony TV


Sandra TTC Trax

State Police Info

8A Seg

Snow with Black Burst

Spring Training Graphic


Hillary Snippets

Ken Singleton Coaching

Roscoe Heming

Roug Seg 2


BOX 13.

Towson Fair
DPW City Warehouse Fire – 4/15/85

C-Section Delivery
Du Burns # 2 – 11/12/85

Boris from El Salvador  – 2nd generation

Hawkins Point: Grace/Glidden – Lagoon & Plant

Helicopter Video: Stadiums/JFX/Meyerhoff/Lyric/MICA; Christ Church/Bolton Hill/Beltway

Jerusalem #2; Promos; Walling Wall

May Fair

Wrinkle Cream pictures

Retin A

Coast Guard – 5oth Anniversary Special – April 25, 1994

Howard County – #1-3; #6

Governor  & Port Agreement – 3/4/86

Pelton Sketches – 6/2/86

Key Bridge Jumper

Tall Ships

Martin State Airport; BWI – General Shots, construction

Kidnapped kid

War & Remembrance – part 3

Wailing Wall Ceremony

[Jim] Rouse Speaking to Junior Commerce Association

Pride 2 – Maiden Voyage

Polish Festival

City College – 10/19/89 [part 3]

Trax 1-4


BOX 14.

Hampden Fair

Helicopter Sequence – Selling of Baltimore; BGE & Power Plant

Liver Cancon

Preakness – 5/20/88

Adolpho Trio

Fireworks – July 4th

Jerry Fantasy

Lou Calfee Anniversary Message – 10/21/87

Golden Ring Mall Wedding – 9/87

Cops Rip-off

Senior Beauty Treatment – 7/14/88

Use to Dub Color Films for archives

Tremont Hotel Shooting

Appleby Southwing Keating – 3/28/85

Purdue Commercial


5 PM Openings

Credits #1, #3/ End Segment

Original long shop; new ramp; 2nd inside shot; score board


Gents 1985 – Musical Video from ¾”

Thomas Studio Stills

City College – part 2

Mary Avara Working at School # 2

Mary Avara Interview & stills #1

Wizard of OZ & Zorro

RCA Victor #1

Charles Austin


BOX 15.

The Devil Made Me Do It #1

Mayor & Governor Birthday Wish to WJZ-13

Satan Series – Part 2: 11/15/90

Eddie Ambrose – #1 & #2

American Athletic Club ‘93

Appeals Week Various Segments

Arnamar Interview & Stills #1
Arnamar Club #1 & #2 (October 2, 1993)

Accordian Players

Arbutus Festival – 8/21/78

Charlotte Albert

Al & Janis Interview & Stills

American Beer Cheer