The Unknown Series is just what it sounds like: a large series of items that had unclear labels as to what series they should actually belong to. This is a great series to keyword search.

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Unknown Series Inventory:

(Please keep in mind that the below are transcriptions of the tape labels, so they may be inaccurate or use outdated and/or offensive language.)

Box 1.

“99 Bottles of Beer” Alky Film
Aerials of New York City
Aircraft Testing
Arsenio A
TOG Animation
And Baby Makes 2
A Message to Our Parents


Box 2.

B/W Optical Sound (Film A)
Tony B. Outtake 2
B & W Optical Summary
Baby Boom: Pig in the Python
Baby Boom: Pig in the Python
Baby  Boom: Pig in the Python
The Baby Boom: The Pig in the Python
Baby Boom: Pig in the Python
Baby Love
Baby Love
Baby Love
Sea World Tape: Baby Shamu Birthday
Baby Napping A
Baby Napping B


Box 3.

Ballen Time
Lucille Ball A
1.Baby Rescue Squad 2.Bar Champs 3.We Sing the Gospel 4.Child Prodigies
Baltimore 2
Back-up Cut-ins
Baltimore After Dark
Baltimore in the year 2000
Baltimore Street People
Baltimore City Fire Fighters
Baltimore Police
Baltimore 24/7 Charlie Family Interview
Baltimore Goes Hollywood
Baltimore in the Year 2000
Baltimore in the Year 2000


Box 4.

Steve Baklor Interview
Ball Park Progress Dub From E/L 1895  4/92
Ball Park Open & Close Scenes 4/92 #2
9th Baltimore City Fair 1978
1985 Baltimore City Fair
Chef Bandula Interview
Chef Bandula Photos
Jim Barber Int.
Toots Barber 1
Toots Barber Bowling 2
Toots Barber 3
Mike Barret Interview 3
Al Bates Performing #1
Al Bates Interview & Stills #2
Marty Bass Interview 4/92
George Baumann
Behler Presentation
Belvedere Ballroom 1
Sonia Benser 1
Sonia Benser 2
Sonia Benser Interview 1/96 #3
Polly Berge
Bob Bergschneider
Elizabeth Berrigan 1
Elizabeth Berrigan – Denise ISO #1
Berrigan’s Kids 2 of 3
P. Berrigan 1
P. Berrigan 2
P. Berrigan 3
P. Berrigan 4
P. Berrigan ISO 1
P. Berrigan ISO 2
P. Berrigan ISO 3
P. Berrigan ISO 4
Berrigan stills



Box 5.

Baltimore: Hospice, Street Kids, O’s
24 Hours Baltimore 5
24 Hours Baltimore 2
24 Hours Baltimore 7
24 Hours Baltimore 6
24 Hours Baltimore 1
Baltimore 24 Hours (2 Copies)
Bamberger Interview 1/31
Rosanne Barr
Barry Reelection DJ A
Barry Reelection DJ B
Marion Barry or Pit Bull Special
Marion Barry (A)
Marion Barry (Promo Material)
Frank Barranco
1. Johnny’s: Amateur Baseball’s Best 2.Carling Breweries 3.Ella: Queen of Jazz 4. Jack Anderson


Box 6.

Ben McDonald Baseball/Basketball
Dr. Bascom
Rev. Bascom 1969 #1
Rev. Marion Bascom 1969 #2
Basketball: The Right Way B
Basketball: The Right Way A
Beach Boys
Beach Boys A
Beach Boys B
Battle of the Local Fashion Designers
Bay Bridge Mix
Beamship: UFO Footage
Beatles A
Beatles B
Behind the Scenes A.T. (A)
Behind the Scenes A.T. (B)
Beatles Music


Box 7.

Being Taken Out of the Game
Harry Belafonte
Shari Belafonte A-Roll
Shari Belafonte B-Roll
Dr. Ben Ch. 1+2 A
Dr. Ben Ch. 1 B
Ben 1
Ben Stills 1
Benson Murders A
Benson Murders B
Milton Berle
Susan Campbell, Evening Magazine: Steven Benson Trial
Carl Bernstein #1
Carl Bernstein A
Carl Bernstein B
Chuck Berry A
Chuck Berry B
Chuck Berry Interview & Stills 3/92 #1


Box 8.

Richard Berry Master
Best Address Baltimore (A)
Best Address: Baltimore (B)
Best Address: DC (A)
Best Address: DC (B)
Bethlehem Shipyards
Betting Game A
Betting Game B
Betty A
Betty B
B.G.E. 1
BGE 1 (5/13)
BGE 2 (5/13)
Good! Credits B
Bielecki A
Bielecki B
The Bible Speeches
Big Ben Portrait Victory at Yorktown



Box 9.

Bielecki Story 1
Big Daddy A
Big Daddy B
Big Daddy Kane Concert
Bill 1
Bill 2
Bill 3
Bill 4
Bill 5
Bill 6
Bill 7
Bill 8
Bill 9
Bill 10
Bill 11
Billboard VO’s 2/28/90
Billboards 3/19 & 3/20
Billboard 4/30
Billboard V.O.’s
Billboard V.O.’s Far End


Box 10.

Biological Warfare
Birdman A
Birdman B
Bio Station A
Bio Station B
B-Day In/Outs 2
B/K History Stand-Ups
Black History Spots
Billboards 9/23-25
Black History Vignettes
Joe Black Interview
Blatter: Air Surfing
Blaze B1
Black Memorabilia
Blattel 2
Blaze Starr A
Blaze Starr B


Box 11.

Blaze Stills 2
Blaze Stills 5
Bright Lights, Big City A
Bright Lights, Big City B
Blind Boys Play A
Boat Show A
Blind Boys Play B
Blue Angles Film
Blue Heaven A
Blue Heaven B
Boat Show #1
B-104 Sub
Bond A
Boat Show B
Boat Show 2
Boat Show #3
Emma Bombeck, et al.
Bonnie Edit 2/12/82
Bonnie Manor Tavern


Box 12.

Evening News: “Border Transfer”
Boss Lady A
Boss Lady B
Bowden: Barbeque
Bowden: Barbeque
Jack/Susan Bowden 1
Jack/Susan Bowden 2
Bottom Time
Born Again 1
Jack Bowden 1
Bounty Hunter A
Jack & Susan B
Jack Bowden: Work Out
Boyd 1
Boyd 2
Boys of Elite (A)
Box Office: Cinema (B)
Jack/Susan Bowden 2



Box 13.

Bright Lights Big City #1
Joan Braden A
Joan Braden B
Brian House Exterior Shot 3
Joan Braden 3
Bradley Worthington Jefferson
James Brady A
James Brady B
Dr. Brenner 6
Boys of Elite (B)
Joan Braden 1
TOGG Brandywine A
Bright Lights Big City #4
Bright Lights Big City 6
Bright Lights Big City #2
Bright Lights Big City #5
Terry Brooks: Choice Program
Bright Lights Big City #3
Jim Brown (A)
Bobby Brown (A)
Bobby Brown (B)


Box 14.

Jim Brown (B)
BSO Rehearsals 3
BSO Music Marathon
BSO Music Marathon (October 28th, 1984)
BSO Reel 4
BSO Reel 2
Tom Brokow
Rock Brynner A
Joyce Ann Brown
Rock Brynner B
Bernie Brillstein Interview
Art Buchwald
1/10 Buchwald Harris
1.) Buck Hill 2.) Plastic Money 3.) 50 Ships in my Front Yard 4.) Budding Stars



Box 15.

Buffalo George Tips
Bundy Girl (A)
Bullets 4
Buns A
Dr. Buffalo Tape-11 3/9/90
Buff 8 0-32
Bullets 3
Bullets 1
Bullets 2
Buns B
Leo Burcaghn
Bundy Girl B
Christopher Burke
Burnie Returning
Bush Stills
Bush Style (B)
Bush Style A
Butt Implant A


Box 16.

Thomas Best Ductwork Interview & Stills
Thomas Best Stills
Bev & Rita Interview A videos etc.
Bev & Rita Photos Exteriors
Billy Bigs Interview
Nannie Best Interview
Boucher 7
Susan White Bowden
The Boyd’s Interview
Boyd’s Stills
Danielle Bratton # 1
Danielle Bratton Interview & Stills #1
Jim Brennan Int.
Brown 1
Al Brown Int.
Al Brown Stills
Al Brown Int.
Shirley Brown Int.
Skip Brown Belt.’s Cord Interview etc 9/95 #1
Brown Triplets Interview & Still #1
Robt. Bruff Interview Stills Bike Bit #1
Betty Bruce 1
Betty Bruce Stills
BSO Music
Bubble Blowing Contest
Butt Implant B
Byrd Beach
Butterfly McQueen (B)
Butt Implant
Butterfly McQueen (A)


Box 17.

Beginning of Expressway
Black Burst
Blade Interview 1
Blade 2
Stanley Buden Interview Post Cards 8/95 #1
Stanley Buden Post Cards Playing Organ #2 8/95
Isabel Burger 1
G. Bush with T. D’Alesandro
Judge J.C. Byrnes Interview 12/95 #1
Judge J.C. Byrnes Photos Singing Etc.
Joey & Peterson
50s Party Tape/Baumann & McBee


Box 18.

Johnny Cash-Music Truth
Cable 44 Press Tape
Cab 4
Cab 2
Cab 3
Cab 1
Calvin A
Calvin B
Campus Scenic’s
Nick Caloyiasis U-Boat Underwater Footage
Cannes Film Fest./France #13
Cannes Film Fest./France #14
Cannes Film Fest./France #15
Cannes Film Fest./France #16
Cannes Film Fest./France #4
Cannes Film Fest./ #5
Cannes Film Fest./France #8
Cannes Film Fest./France #10
Cannes Film Fest./France #17


Box 19.

Cape May A – Tank Of Gas
Cape May B – Tank Of Gas
Cannibal Club (4 copies)
Cannibal (A)
Cannibal (B)
Cannes Film Fest./France #18
Cannes Film Fest./France #19
Cannes Film Fest./France #22
Cannes Film Fest./France #23
Cannes Film Fest./France #24
Cannes Film Fest./France #25
Cannes Film Fest./France #26
Cannes Film Fest./France #27
TOG Cape May (A)
TOG Cape May (B)
Captain Carrot, et al.


Box 20.

Larry Carlton Life Story
Ben Carson 3
Car Cam (A)
Car Cam (B)
Ben Carson 2
Tom Carnival
J. Carey #2 B1
Jim Carey 2
Caribbean Story
Larry Carlton: Press Conference
Carmine #4 (A)
Carmine #4 (B)
Nathan Carter 2
Ben Carson in Surgery 1
Ben Carson in Surgery 2
Ben Carson 5
Ben Carson 3
Ben Carson 4
Nathan Carter B


Box 21.

Carl/ Eunice Interview
Canton Company: BNI Interview I
Aubrey Carter Stills
Crash Kroner
Car Show
Aubrey Carter 1
Car Salesman
Chris 2
Jim Clifford Int.
Chris 1
City College 1
Divina Celeste Interview 1
Comegy’s 2
Commodores T 2
Commodores B
Cotton Candy 1
Cotton Candy 2
Mary Pat Clark 2
Bonnie Cleaver w/ School Bus 2
Brenda Carl 1
Brenda Carl Photo of Bike 2
Jack Cohen Interview 1
Xmas Sunrise
1985 City Fair
Clocktower Construction
Judith Cox 1
Mary Pat Clark Interview Feb/96 #1
Columbus Day Parade
Carl/ Eunice Interview
Aubrey Carter Stills
Bonnie Cleaver Interview Stills Jan 96 #1
Bonnie Cleaver of Andy Dub Jan 96 #3
Daniel Comegys Interview
Len Schmidt Constellation
Divina Celeste Int.


Box 22.

Nathan Carter: Choir Practice
Nathan Carter: Interview 1
Nathan Carter: Steve ISO 1
Nathan Carter Steve ISO B 2
Nathan Carter: Bowling 2
Nathan Carter Bowling 1
Nathan Carter School for the Arts 2
Nathan Carter School for the Arts 3
Nathan Carter: Steve ISO 3
Nathan Carter: School for the Arts 1
Nathan Carter: Interview 2
Nathan Carter Interview 3
Cascom 2
3/20/78 Shawn Cassidy in Concert
Cocaine Kings
Catholic Charities 2
Cashing Friends A
Cashing Friends B


Box 23.

Nathan Carter V.O.’s
Challenger Recovery
Cave Dwellers A
Cave Dwellers B
Challenger C
Cathy 1
Catholic Vignettes
Adolph Caesar, et al
Catholic Charities 2
Catholic Charities 3
Challenger B
Child Molesters: Please Make Them Stop
Challenger Recovery and Explosion Dub
Children 2
Charles St 11/21 11/22 A
Challenger D



Box 24.

Charles St. 11/21 11/22 B
Charles St 11/23 11/25 B
Children at Risk (A)
Child Molesters: Please Make Them Stop (4 copies)
Child Molesters
Chicken George
Children’s PSA
Chemical Hyperactivity #5
Chicago: P. Ward 1
Chemical Hyperactivity 4
Child Molesters
Chez A
Chez B
Julia Chasman Interview
Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom (B)
Chef Talk Captain Carrot
Chinese Acrobats Performance


Box 25.

Circus B
Chuck Birthday 4
Church Closings
Cathy Chuplis
TOG Charlottesville A
Chocolate Singles, et al
Chuck’s Birthday 1
Cholesterol Test
Chuck Birthday 2
Chuck Birthday 3
Christmas Credits D
Circus A
City Line Features
City Line Sales Rep
City Line: Video File Tape
City Kids Career Expo 81’
City that Reads



Box 26.

Club Med
Coast Guard
Glenn Close B
Coule #2
Coule #1
Colorado High B
College Crowd
Colorado High A
Coma A
Tom Clancy
Glenn Close A
Lucille Clifton 5
Clifford #1
Clifford #2
John Cleese 4:35 *
Clemmens 2
K. Clemmens B1


Box 27.

Lucille Clifton B
Lucille Clifton A
Crash Testing Films 3,4,5
Crash Testing Films 2
Crash Testing Films #1
Cowley 1
Cowley 2
Cow Boys 8
An Evening With Tom Clancy A
Tom Clancy B
Tom Clancy A
Community Calendar
Courthouse (B) 3/8/90 Tape 6
Kevin Costner B
Kevin Costner A
Kevin Costner
Contemporary Museum
Concert 1





Box 28.

(B) Comics
Coma (B)
(A) Comics
Kevin Costner
Connecting the Pieces
Come and Meet the Music 2
Come and Meet the Music 1
Cut ins 4/11
Cut ins 4/4
Cut ins 4/3
Cut ins 3/12
The Critics Place
Cut ins 3/7
Cut ins 3/2
Cry Baby: John Waters
Cut ins 1/23
Cut ins 3/2


Box 29.

Cry Baby: Senator Theatre
Credit Music
Critical Minutes
Cuban Music Film
Cut ins 1/23
Crown Petroleum
Cut a-ways 7/17
24 Hrs Tape #8
1.) Dr. of Accident 2.)King of the Handicappers 3.) Mary Travers 4.) The Alarmers
Discover: The World of Science
Dice King B
Olsen Deveraux



The Crossing
Critical Minutes
Nancy Claster Interview
Coming Together
Car Show Film 1 & 2
Cheating the Disabled
Coast Guard Station
Catching Bass/ Chessie 1982
DC Chambers of Commerce
Destination Baltimore: Italians 7/1/86
Ronnie Dove
Dock Strike 1978
Druid Hill Photos
Durrance Music
Don & Marty Stills
Danti: Love Story et al.
Uncle Depetro
Daniels #1B Sunday Afternoon Action 7/95
Shirley Duda #2 Stills Exteriors Jan. 96
Buddy Dean, et al.
Shirley Duda #1 Interview Stills Jan. 96
Ronnie Dove 2
Drunk Driving


Box 31.

Diner Guys A
Diner Guys B
Don/Charlie Accordion
Diggs Interview 1
Diggs Interview 2
Diets (B)
Diets (A)
D’Alesandro Transfer
Mary Anne D’Alesan 1
Mary Anne D’Alesan 2
Mary Anne D’Alesan 3
Tommy D’Alesandro 8
Mayor Tommy D’Alesandro
Ted Dansen A
Ted Dansen B
Dark Side of Dieting


Box 32.

D.C., Washington (B)
D/B Mix
Angela Davis, et al
S. Davitt
Stephen Davitt et al
Sammy Davis Jr. Obituary
Keith Daye Interview 1
Leon Day
Ronnie Dove Demo
Leon Day Interview 1
Dave/Linea 40th Anniv.
D.C. Mayor (A)
D.C. Mayor (B)
D.C. News Feed
D.C. Violence
D.C. Violence (A)
D.C. Violence (B)
D.C. Violence (A) [2]
D.C. Violence (B) [2]


Box 33.

Deaf Mosaic 402
Billy Dee Williams (B)
P. Deluise A
P. Deluise B
Death Row Long Version
Della Accordion
Death Row Short Version
Della Stills 1
Denise 2
Denise 2
Bill Demby B


Box 34.

Ch 1 Denise #2
Denise 1
Richard Dennis #1 11/9
Denise Interv.
Denise Interv.
Johnny Depp (Pikesville High)
Johnny Depp B-Roll
Denise/Brian Horseback
Denise 3
Denise 4
Denise 3
Vince Depitro Interv. 1
Democrat National Conv.
Destitute Mom, et al 2
Rather Desent 1
Desent #2
Desent #3
Desent #4


Box 35.

Dooly composite
Donna 4: Memorial Stadium, Zinman
Donnas Voice
Don’t Get God Started
Donaldson Interview
Becki Durrance Durrance #29
Sam Durance B
Donna Becomes Santa A
Donna Becomes Santa B
Dutton A
Sam Durance A
Mike Douglas 0 330-79 Seg. 7
Mike Douglas Show #238
TOG Dover A
TOG Dover B


Box 36.

Donahue Show- Dub
Baltimore’s Window Washers, Lefty Driesell, Mom’s First Performance, Stutterers
Dress to Die A
Dub Master B
Dolly B
Dolly A
Dress to Die B
Dry White Season A
Dry White Season B
Drugs in Black and White
D.J. Interview 3/14/90 Tape-4 (B)
The Discovery Year
1.) Diner 2.) Burn Victims Survive 3.) B.B. King 4.) Elaine Stein
Divine Story Master
Dogs A
Dogs B
Diner: Key Shots


Box 37.

First Family Health (A)
First Family Health (B)
Fleischer, Sara
Fleishman #2
Florence 3
Flood Footage (from dub)
Flotilla (A)
Flotilla (B)
Food That Kills 1
Food That Kills 2
Food Lion 7
Food Lion 8
Flea Market/Rich Women Horsetrainers/”Superfeet”/Weight Watchers Camp for Teens


Box 38.

Forbes Jr (A)
Forbes Jr (B)
Football Nun (A)
Football Nun (B)
Forbes, Malcolm Birthday Party
Food Lion 6
Ford Super Model Search
Foretich, Morgan Update (A)
Foretich, Morgan Update (B)
Forget It Music
Foretich (1)
Foretich (2)
Foretich (3)
Foretich (4)
Forgetable (A)
Forgetable (B)
Fort Smallwood


Box 39.

Fortieth Anniversary:
beta dubs 1,2,3
beta dub 4: Denise & Eve. Mag.
beta dub 5,6
Denise & Talent (A-roll master)
40th Interviews (Roberts, Krone, Parker, Patches & Liz)
Forty something, WJZ
Forty something, WJZ
Foster Care
Forever Elvis Show, Master
Fort McHenry Public Show
Foxtrot (A)
Foxtrot (B)
Foxtrot Dub
Foxtrot 2


Box 40.

Friends in the Holy Land
Friends in the Holy Land
Friends in the Holy Land
Friends in the Holy Land
Friends in the Holy Land
Norman Fisher 2
Bob Frew Interv. 1
John Fonda Santa Claus
Mickey Fields Int.
Robert Fischer 1
Fenner/Phillips Interview
Fire in the Sky
Norman Fischer Int. I
F.X. Fields Interview + Stills #1 10/91
Rhon Friend Working
Pat Flynn Interv. 1
40th Denise/John Burren Something 1
40th Denise /Morty & Something 2 Rich
40th Al/ Denise
40th Denise/ Turk
Fran Giwitz Int.
FX Field
Fighting Racism in Classroom
Entire Dub of Cindy Fain Playboy Co-Ed Hopeful
Scott Furman Interview etc. #1 1/96
Brent Gunts Interview #1
Norman Fischer Stills
F.X. Fields Interview + Stills #1 10/91
Rhon Friend Working
Pat Flynn Interv. 1
Gem Star Photos & Quarry
Brent Gunts #2 Still Photos 4/92
Pete Garry Interview
Herb Goldman Piano- Interview Stills
1.At Jones Gobel- Interviews & Stills 2.Halloween II
Girls in Race
Gene Playing
Gail-Multi Interview
Bernie Goldman Playing 2
Gene GPI


Box 41.

Foxtrot 2
Foxtrot 3
Foxtrot 4
“Fox” 20th Century #2
“Fox” 20th Century #3
Frank, John (A)
Frank, John (B)
Frank, John #4
Frank, John #2
Frank, John: Ski Race 5
Frank, John #6
Frank, John #7
Frank, John #8
Friends #3
Frank Approach (B)
Ben Franklin: Inns of Evergreen 2
Friends in the Holy land (Master)


Box 42.

Future House #2
Gallaudet (A)
Gallaudet (B)
Gallaudet (B-Roll)
Gallaudet #2
Games (6)
Gancie, Vincent
Gator Man (A)
Gator Man (B)
Gary (2)
Gaddy, Bea (A)
Gaddy, Bea (B)
Gambling College/Outerspace/Balto’s “Horrible Movie/Magician’s Convention


Box 43.

David Hillard Walking
Holiday Lunch Interview
Hendler 1
Harford County Fire
Hillman Stills
Bob and Sandy Hillman Office B
Hellen Jean Burns Interview
Johns Hopkins Science Review
Help A 3
Bob Heronimus: Artist of Savetria
H & G Restaurant
Pauline Harris Interview 1
Hopkins Grad 78’
Dianna Holly Interview
Brent Gunt #3 Stills Edited 4/92
Bernie Grove Interview
Ruth Goldsmith Interview 1
Jean Gregory Interview 1
Gov.’s Limo Story
Dr. Griffin 1
Dr. Griffin 2
Goof Climbs Radio Tower
Giovanni Interview 1
Gail Band
Bea Gaddy 1
Bea Gaddy 2
Tom Hawkins Interview 1
Ed (Porty) Hecrotte Workout 5 Alarm  Fire 9/95
Holiday Lunch
Kelly Hill Interview
David Hillard Interview 1
Haas Family Interviews 7/95 #1
Haas Family Stills/Exteriors 7/95 #2
Paul Hatfield Interview Photos Trick Kocky Beard 9/95 #2
Historic First Avid Package July 28, 1995 Brent Myers
Ed (Porky) Hecrotte Interview Stills Model on Plien (?) Body 10/95
Charles Hascup Interview & Stills
Dub of Saturdays News Feed Video of Homeless Rally
Heironimus Stills 7/92 #2
Paul Hatfield Interview/Photos #1


Box 44.

High School Kids & Guns
24 Hrs Tape #8
Ellicott City A
Ellicott City B
Elicott 3

-Dominos Ships

Elite Pix #3
Elite Pics 3
Ella 7
Elite Pics 1
Elite Pix #2
Elliot 9


-Sports Center

Elliot 10

-Sp. Bar



-Skate + BK

Elliot 11


-Street Shots

Elite 7
Elite Agency #7
Elite Agency #8
Elite 4
Elite 5
Elite 6
Elite Pics 2
Evening with Tom Clancy
GM Assembly/Rebecca 9/Fruit Stand/Fort McHenry



Box 45.

Elite #2
Elite A
Elite #3
Elite #1
Elephant Man #2
E” 11:00 Saturday
Election 1984
Electric Tan, et al.
Elephant Man #1
82 $ B
Effects Master
82 $ A
Earth Tide 2
Earth Tide 3
Elite #5


Box 46.

Elvis A
Elvis B
Elvis Lives A
Elvis 1
Elvis 2
Elvis 3
Elvis 5
Elvis 6
Elvis 7
Elvis 8
Elvis 9
Elvis 11
Elvis 13
Emerson B2 Tape 4: William Allen, Street Shot, Rochelle Stevens
Harbor City Ballet at BMA
Embarrassing moments, ideal mate


Box 47.

Embryo Divorce
ER/Stand-up 2
Election 1983
Election 1984
The Emmy Award Winning Team
Emotional Abuse
Enola Gay A
Enola Gay B
Epstein Barr #1
Epstein Barr 2
Epstein Barr #3
Epstein Barr #4
Epstein Barr #5
Ermey 1
Ermey 2
Ermey 3
Erotica A
Erotica B
Erotica C
Ethics an Honest Look


Box 48.

Eskimos in Canada
Bill Esposito
Bill Esposito Slides
Ethiopia Special
Evergreen Wraps #1
Eve. Anime 87-88
Evening Animation 87-88
Evening Mag. Animat.
Evening Animation
Evening Background
Eve Mag Open, Raw Material
Events ?
Evergreen: India
Evergreen Italy – Wraps
Evergreen Show – Matchmaker second cut-in airs 5:30pm
Evergreen Show – Matchmaker second cut-in airs 7:00pm
Evergreen Business of Love A


Box 49.

Evergreen Italy A
Evergreen Italy B
Nat’l Reel I Evergreen Specials 1988
Nat’l Reel II Evergreen Specials 1988
Everybody’s All American 1
Everybody’s All American 2
Everyday Heroes
Excellence: A Case Study
Excellence Dub
Exercize Videos A
Exercize Videos B
Exhibit: Wardman towers
Exit the Rain Maker A
Exteriors: Broodmoor, et al
Exteriors: Landmarks
Eye Witness A-Roll
Eye Witness B-Roll
Eye Witness Music
Ed/Jeanette Interview
Bill Erale Interview 1
Pastor Jack Evans Interview


Box 50.

Enchanted Forest
Jim Eperling Interview & Stills
Pastor Jack Evans
Enchanted Forest
Elvis Footage
Milt Ecolono
Democratic National Convention 1984
The Fortners Board at their house 2/94
fort McHenry film
Callahan How to Baltimore
Cheating the Disabled
Communion A
Chernobyl A
Chernobyl Fire Fighter B
Arsenio Hall B
Heavy Metal A
Heironimus Stills 7/92 #2
Reos Hubbe Interview 1
Reos Hubbe 2
Bob Hieronimus Interview
Jamil Interview 4
Jamil I B
Jamil Inter. 3
Jamil Interview 1
Jamil 1
Jamil 2
Jamil 3
Interior Second Location


Box 51.

Winnie John Interv.
F. Doris Johnson Interview
JHSP: Conquest over Pain A
JHSR: Conquest over Pain B
Jamil 2
Jeff Interview 1
Jeani Working Out
Jamil 2 B
Jamil 4
Ed Kane 4
Jay/Katherine Interview 1
Ed Kane Interview 1
Jack Kelly Interview
Jack Krumer Interview Stills 1-95 #1
Alimay Kendrick Interview
Alimay Kendrick 2
Kid in Bars
Sam Kemp Interview 1
Sam Kemp 2
Larry Keen Interview
Larry Keen Interview 1
Koesters Bread Spots
Kid in Play
Las Vegas: Accident Scenes
Glenn Lahman Interview 1
Judge Kaplan’s Interview
Anniversary Celebration George & Kate
Katie & George Karrick Interviews Stills 3/92 #1
Murray/Capper Int.
Robt. Kemp Parade Dub #2
Robt. Kemp
Laurance Jones Artist 1
Kids on Beach
King Cleaner 2
Kaplan’s Wedding Pix
Bobby Lee 2
Linda Lee Interv.
Mickey Light Stills 4
Melvin Lutherman Interview 1


Box 52.

Genetic Blueprints (A)
Genetic Blueprints (B)
Genova B-Roll
Geraldo (A)
Geraldo (B)
Gerbner TV (A)
Gerbner TV (B)
Get a Taste of MD (A)
Get a Taste of MD (B)
Get a Taste-Horse Show (A)
Get a Taste-Horse Show (B)
Get a Taste of Maryland: Animation and Graphics
Get a Taste of Maryland: St.Mary’s (A)
Get a Taste of Maryland: St.Mary’s (B)
Glover, Danny
Glover, Danny (A)
Glover, Danny (B)
Glover Interview 1
Glover #2
Glover (Morgan State) #1
Glover Reversals #3
Get a Taste of Snow Hill (B)


Box 53.

Get A Taste (B)
Get to Know Graphics
Get to Know: Stand Up 1
Get to Know: Stand Up 2
Get to Know #8
Get to Know #6
Get to Know #3 (A)
Get to Know #3 (B)
Get to Know: JSC
GTK: 9 V.O.S.
Gettysburg (B)
Get Smart (A)
Get Smart (B)
Ghostbusters (A)
Ghostbusters (B)
Getting Kids Back On Top



Box 54.

Fairchild, John (A)
Fairchild, John (B)
Fall Post Script
Famous Amos
Famous Stings (A)
Famous Stings (B)
Fantasy Island: The Wedding
Farboss, Bob: interview
Far East (A roll)
Far East (B roll)
Farmer, James (A)
Farmer, James (B)
Farmer #4
Farmer #5
Fashion Show/Travis Winkey/Friends in the Holy Island
Fat Girls (A)
Fat Girls (B)
Fatso (A)
Fat women
Feb promo (A)
Feb promo (B)
FBI Training (B)


Box 55.

Fields, Ron (Tape 3)
File Footage: Fields, Sally
Filbert, Mrs. (A)
Fink 1
Fink 2
File Footage Fire #1
File Footage Fire #2
File Footage Fire #3
File Footage Fire #4
File Footage Fire RF #1
Fire Hero (A)
Fire Hero (B)
Fireman 8
Fire Safe Christmas
Fireworks (A)
Fireworks (B)
Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
Finial Chapter (A)
Finial Chapter (B)


Box 56.

FBI Lab (A)
FBI Lab (B)
FBI Bank Robbery #1
FBI Bank Robbery #3
FBI Bank Robbery #4
FBI Red (1)
FBI Red (2)
FBI Red (3)
FBI Red (4)
FBI Red (5)
FBI Tech (A)
Filbert, Mrs. (B)
Filthy Rich (A)
Filthy Rich (B)


Box 57.

Gio 5
Gio 7
Gio 8
Girls of DC (A)
Girls of DC (B)
Givens & Tyson at the Emmys
G.O. (A)
G.O. (B)
G.O.’s (1)
G.O.’s #3
G.O.’s #4
G.O.’s #5
G.O.’s #6


Box 58.

G.O.’s #8
Good Morning Maryland (1977)
Good Morning America 8:00 AM
Gold, Tracy (A)
Gold, Tracy (B)
Grant, MTM Lou
Grazer, Dr. Frederick (B) [Audio NR]
Greed Sins (A)
Greatest Game (A)
Greatest Game (B)
Great Black Women (2 Copies)


Box 59.

Graceland #1
Graceland #2
Graceland #3
Graceland #4
Graceland #5
Graceland #6
Greenmount Grocer (A)
Greenmount Grocer (B)
Gregory, Carol
Gregory, Carol
Gregory, Carol
Gregory, Carol
Gregory, Carol: The Bread Exp.
Gregory, Carol: South Africa
Griffith, Melanie (A)
Griffith, Melanie (B)
Griswold, Ralph


Box 60.

GTM- Cam Tour (A)
GTM- Cam Tour (B)
GTM Canoe (A)
GTM Canoe (B)
GTM Crab Derby (A)
Gospel (2): Shirley Caesar RFK [6/7/1984]
Graphic Effects: CASCOM Effects III Preview
GTM Razz Jazz (A)
GTM Razz Jazz (B)
GTM Gov’s Race (A)
GTM Gov’s Race (B)
GTM Tidewater (A)
GTM Tidewater (B)
Guinness Guy (A)
Guinness Guy (B)
GTM: Maryland State Fair
Gun Control Bill
H., Jester (A)
H., Jester (B)
Haffer Interview #1
Harper’s Ferry #1
Harper’s Ferry #2


Box 61.

Hairspray (A)
Hairspray (B)
Hairspray (1)
Hairspray (2)
Hairspray (4)
Hamilton, Scott #2
Hamilton, Steve
Hammerjacks (A)
Hammerjacks (B)
Harbor Beauty Shots
Harbor Beauty Shots (2)
Harbor Helicopter Shots (wrap)
Harbor Lights Festival Show
Harford County
Harper’s TOG (A)
Harper’s TOG (B)


Box 62.

Harris, Linda
Hawaii File Footage (Whales)
Hawaii Pot Wars (A)
Hawaii Pot Wars (B)
Hawaii Volcano (A)
Hawaii Volcano (B)
High Cost of Kids (A)
High Cost of Kids (B)
Hawkins, Tom (50th Anniversary)
Hazel (A)
Hazel (B)
Houston (Durrance #3)
Hershey (A)
Kids Camp
Head, Howard (1)
Head, Howard (2)
Head, Howard (3)





Box 63.

Head, Howard Office (1)
Head, Howard Office (2)
Head, Howard (5)
Head, Howard (B)
Head, Howard Story
Headly, Sherry (A)
Headly, Sherry (B)
Headly, Sherry #2
Headly, Sherry #3
Headmaster Interview (2)
Healing Heart (A)
Healing Heart (B)
Hearst, Patti (A)
Hearst, Patti (B)
Heart of Dixie #1
Heart of Dixie #2


Box 64.

Heart of Dixie #3
Heavy Metal Cat Club #1
Heavy Metal Cat Club #2
Heavy Metal Cat Club #3
Heavy Metal Music (Ace Frehely) #1
Heavy Metal Music (Ace Frehely) #2
Heffner, Keith
Heironimus: Artist of Savitria
Helicopter (1)
Helicopter (2)
Helicopter Footage (File Footage)
Helicopter (1,2,3)
Helicopter Footage-Baltimore
Hometown Hero: Terry Brooks (A)
Hometown Hero: Terry Brooks (B)
Hometown Hero: Gloria Pegram (A)
Hometown Hero: Gloria Pegram (B)


Box 65.

Ghosts (A)
Ghosts (B)
Gibson, Debbie (A)
Gibson, Debbie (B)
Gibson, Debbie at Home 1
Gibson, Debbie at Home 2
Gibson, Debbie at Home 3
Gibson, Debbie at Home 4
Gibson, Debbie S.S. Seaport Pier 11
Gibson, Mel (A)
Gibson, Mel (B)
Gilbert, Mellissa 1
Gilbert, Mellissa 2
Gilbert, Melissa (A)
Gilbert, Melissa (B)
Gino’s Audition
Gaddy Interview


Box 66.

Helicopter (Rio/LA)
Helping Hands (A)
Helping Hands (B)
Hemi P1 (A)
Hemi P1 (B)
Hemi P2 (A)
Hemi P2 (B)
H.H. #3
Hero (A)
Hertz, Lenny (1)
Hershey Park
Hicks, Bob
Hidden Addict
Hide-A-Ways (A)
Hide-A-Ways (B)


Box 67.

Hoffa (A)
Hoffa (B)
Hit and Run Club: Baseball
Turner, Kathleen (A)
Mitchell (4)
Hoffer Interview (2)
Hoffer Interview (3)
Hoffman, Dustin (A)
Hoffman, Dustin (B)
Hogan’s Alley #1
Hogan’s Alley #2
Hogan’s Alley #3
Hogan’s Alley #4
Hogan’s Alley #5
Hogan’s Alley #6
Hogan’s Alley #7
Hogan’s Alley #8


Box 68.

Holiday Diet Series (Part 3)
Holiday Diet Series (Part 4)
Holiday Diet Series (Part 5)
Hollywood In Baltimore (A)
Hollywood In Baltimore (B)
Hostage Families (A)
Hostage Families (B)
Holy land 1B
holy land 2B
Hometown Hero (A)
Hometown Hero (B)
Homeless (A)
Homeless (B)
Hometown Hero: Kayak Champion (3)
Home Video Show Composite DUB #3
Hooks, B.: Get to Know (A)
Hooks, B.: Get to Know (B)
Hooks, Mr.:NAACP (1)
Hooks, Mr./Denise


Box 69.

Hooks, Mr./Denise (3)
Hooks, Mr. (5)
Hooks: News (B)
Hooks Stills, Mr.
Therapy TV/Hopkins (A)
Therapy TV/Hopkins (B)
H, J Fest
Hopkins LA Cross Traffic & Cop (5)
Hopkins, Johns: 100 Years of Caring
Hormone Manipulation
Horror Movie (4)


Box 70.

Horse Riding
Horse Power Skiing (A)
Horse Power Skiing (B)
Hospice (2)
Hospital (5)
Hostage Scam
Hotline (2)
Hotline (3)
Housing (2)
Boat Show (B)
Howard Champion (2)
Howard Champion (3)
Howard Champion (4)
“Howdy Doody” #1
“Howdy Doody” #2
HPV #1


Box 71.

Hueson, Steve (Truck)
HPV #2
HPV #4
Hughes: October 1983
Hunter (B)
Hunter, Dr. (B1)
Hunter, Dr. (ISO) #2
Hunter, Dr. School Tour (B1)
Hunter, Dr. (3)
Hunter, Rachel Workout
Hunting of Elephants (Africa/C.Tiegs)
Intermittent Wipers
Jim (1)


Box 72.

H2O Rescue (A)
H2O Rescue (B)
317 Master Reel Log: Hyatt Hotel & Resorts, et al
Hynson, Carol: Lottery
Hyper Chem (A)
Hyper Chem (B)
Second Stand Shopper/I Can Imitate Anything/Cryogenics: Life After Death/16-year-old Jockey
Ice Animation
Ice Rescue (A)
Ice Rescue (B)
I Find Playboy Bunnies/I Saved My Sisters Life
If You Haven’t Seen Baltimore


Box 73.

Imani (A)
Imani (B)
Imani Temple (1)
Imani Temple (2)
Imani Temple (4)
Imani Temple #5
Imani Temple 89’
Imani Temple T-4
Improved Police Cars
In Search of A Hero
Insomniac Tour/ Cure For Baldness/ Balloon Man/Movietone
Inspection Cuisene
Inspection Cuisene #2
Into The Unknown
Jay Painting


Box 74.

In-Vitro (A)
In-Vitro (B)
Ireland, Kathy (A)
Ireland, Kathy (B)
Ireland, Kathy (1)
Ireland, Kathy (2)
Ireland, Kathy (3)
Ireland, Kathy (3)
Ireland, Kathy (4)
Ireland, Kathy (5)
Ireland, Kathy (5)
Ireland, Kathy (6)
Ireland, Kathy (7)
Ireland, Kathy (8)
Ireland, Kathy (10)
Ireland, Kathy (13)
Ireland, Kathy (14)
Ireland, Kathy Stills (1)


Box 75.

Irving, Amy
I Swam (A)
I Swam (B)
It’s All In The Game
It’s Relative 88’
It’s Relative Rehearsal Game 2
It’s Relative Show 2
Jack: Plant Cuttings, et al
Jack’s Reverse (1)
Jack’s Interview (2)
Jack’s Reverse Interview (2)
Jack/ Susan’s House (B)
Jackie O’s
Jackson (A)
Jackson (B)
Jackson, Jessie Interview
Jared’s Mom (Interview)
JC Penny/U of Missouri Journalism


Box 76.

Jacobs (A)
Jacobs (B)
Jay Playing Volleyball
Jay SC Hopkins Speech
JSC Art Instructions
JSC/Denise ISO
JSC/Denise ISO (2)
JSC/Denise ISO (3)
JSC: Home Movies
Jay SC ISO (1)
Jay SC ISO (2)
Jay SC ISO (3)
JSC Stills
JSC Wide Shot (2)
JSC Wide Shot (3)
J.C. Green Standup, et al
J.C. O’s (3)
Jean, Norma (A)
Jim (1)
Jim (3)
Jim (5)
Jim (6)
John (3)
Johnny’s Birthday
Johnson, Dave (A)
Jean, Norma (B)
Jeans Wars


Box 77.

Jeff Picture (10)
Jensen, Elizabeth (1)
Jill ST. John (A)
Jill ST. John (B)
Jim (1)
Jim (1)
Jim (2)
Jim (3)
Jim (5)
Jim (6)
John (3)
Johnny’s Birthday
Johnson, Dave (A)
Johnson, Dave (B)
Johnson, Dave (B1) #1
Johnson, Dave (B1) #2
Johnson, Dave (B1) #3


Box 78.

Johnson, Dave (B1) #4
Johnson, Dave (B1) #5
Johnson, Dave Footage
Jones, Davey (A)
Jones, Davey (B)
Jones, Davey #2
Jones, Davey #4
Jones, Davey #1
Jones, Grace
Jones, Jim 1&2 (1979)
Juggler (A)
Juggler (B)
Juke Box
Juke Box- Video
Joyner, Jackee (A)
Joyner, Jackee (B)
Jordan, Ted #1


Box 79.

Jordan, Ted (2)
Julie Pesch News Clips, et al
Julio (A)
Julio (B)
Jumbo Gas
Junk Food, et al (4)
Kaos (2)
Kaplan, Judge (Get To Know) 1
Kaplan, Judge 2
Kaplan, Judge 3
Karen: Back To School
King, Larry et al
Kennedy, President at American University
Karen Home
Kashoggi (A)
Kashoggi (B)


Box 80.

K, JF (A)
K, JF (B)
Kaufman, Andy
Kauffman, Bout NBC
Kebel, Mrs. (3)
Kebel, Mrs. (7)
Kebel, Mrs. (9)
Kennedy, Jayne
K, JF Stills (1)
K, JF Stills (2)
Kennedy Inauguration Speech
K, JF Remembered
K. JF (A) 1
K, JF America Remembers


Box 81.

K, JF Stills
Kenny Interview (2)
Kenny Interview (3)
Kept Women (A)
Kid N Play (A)
Kid N Play (B)
John Ketchum “On My Own”
Key, Scott Francis (Night Owl Crew) #2
Key, Scott Francis (Night Owl Crew) #3
Key, Scott Francis (Night Owl Crew) #4
Khashoggi #1
Kick Boxing (A)
Kick Boxing (B)
Kid A Stress
King, Larry #1
King, Larry #2
King, Larry #3
King, Larry (A)
King, Larry (B)
Killer Weather (A)
Killer Weather (B)


Box 82.

Kids Drugs High Price To Pay
Kids Screaming
Kid N Play: Young MC (1)
Kid N Play: Young MC (2)
King #1 (A)
King #2 (A)
King #1
King #2
King #3
King #4
King Larry Ch. 1+2 (A)
King, Larry Ch. 1 (B)
King, M.L.: We Are The Dream
King, M.L. PAT Tribute
King of Prime Time



Box 83.

King Commoner (A)
King Commoner (B)
King Credit (A)
King Credit (B)
Khashoggi Daughter (A)
Khashoggi Daughter (B)
Kline, Kevin (A)
Kline, Kevin (B)
Korelco, Vicky (A)
Korelco, Vicky (B)
Korolka, Vicki (7)
Korolka, Vicki (8)
Korolka, Vicki (9)
Kouwenhoven, William Bennett, M.D. Interview
Kravitz, Lenny (A)
Kravitz, Lenny (B)
Lady Bucks (A)
Lady Bucks (B)


Box 84.

Lady Maryland
Lady Fighting
Lancaster, PA (B)
Largest Air Show
Larry (A)
Larry (B)
LA Wraps/Rio Raps
Las Vegas Accident Scene
Learning Bank (A)
Learning Bank (B)
Lazaar #8 (Show Open)/Agent For The Stars
Lazaar, Agent For The Stars #9
Lazaar #10/ Agent For The Stars
Legalized Drugs


Box 85.

Lawrence Cardinal Shehan
Legal Drugs #1
Legal Drugs #2
Legal Drugs #3
Legal Drugs #4
Leisure Time #1
Les Saintes (A)
Les Saintes (B)
Legalize It (A)
Legalize It (B)
Leibovitz, Annie et al
Leg Mason, et al (2)
Leg Mason, et al (3)
Leffal, LaSalle #1
Leffal, LaSalle #2
Leon ISO #1
Leonis Bias-Boston (1)
Leonis Bias #2


Box 86.

L. Bias #1
L. Bias #2
Leonis Bias 3
Leonise Bia
Leonis Bias-Boston (2)
Les Saintes (1)
Les Saintes (2)
Les Saintes #3
Les Saintes V.O.’s
Leonis, Mrs. Bias (Tape #’s: 1,3,4)
Lewis, Reggie (A)
Lewis, Reggie (B)
Life Chute (A)
Life Chute (B)
Levinson (A)
Levinson (B)


Box 87.

Liberty Celebrity (1)
Liberty Celebrity (3)
Library (12)
Library (20)
Million Dollar Mitzi
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #3
Linnea Q (A)
Linnea Q (B)
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #1
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #2
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #3
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #4
Life Quest: The Hidden Addict
Life Quest: Critical Minutes [2 copies]


Box 88.

Linnea Queen ‘B’ #5
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #6
Linnea Queen ‘B’ #7
Lisa Lisa (A)
Live On 4: Emmanuel College, Democratic Candidate Debate
Locator (A)
Locator (B)
Logo Move Tonight
Lomas, Lisa (1)


Lorenzo, et al
Lorenzo/Kids TV Show
Lords, Tracey (A)
Lords, Tracey (B)
Lost Dreams Pt. I (A)
Look Good (A)
Look Good (B)
Lorenzo (A)


Box 89.

Lomas, Lisa (2)
Lombardo, Joe Show
Lucy + Desi (A)
Lucy + Desi (B)
Lucy/Desi; Larry Interview
Lowe Sum
Loyola (5)
Lost Dreams Pt. I (B)
Lost Dreams Pt. II (A)
Lost Dreams Pt. II (B)
Low Rise Projects (2)
Lowry, Brian
Love Letter To Baltimore
Love Letter To Baltimore #2
Lust Sins (A)
Lust Sins (B)
M., Kelly (A)
M., Kelly (B)
Media & Society


Box 90.

WJZ Local Stories: Hurdy Gurdy Man; Crash Testing/Slowest Race on 4 Legs
Debbie Levy Interview
Melvin Lutherman 2
Bobby Lee Interview 1
Leona Stills/Interview
Barbara Lease Interview Stills, etc.
Mickey Light Interview 1
Rick Lias
Mike Lipowski Interview Stills Working 8/95
Alan Lee
Glenn Lahman
Rick Lids Int.
Debbie Levy Interview
Jack Luskin 1
Jack Luskin 2
Long Road to Cambridge 68’
Rob Maslin
Michael Man Interview
Barbara Murray
Musicals A
Musicals B
Music Hideaway
Music Montage Master
Music Montage B Master
Mystique A
Mystique B
Music Montage Master
Music Montage B Master


Box 91.

Mack/Mutley Show (1)
Magic Me: Congress (1)
Magic Me: Congress (2)
Magic Me: Congress (3)
Magic Me: Eugene (1)
Magic Me: Eugene (2)
Magic Me: Eugene (3)
Magic Me: Eugene (4)
Magic Me: Eugene (5)
Magic Me: Fallstaff (1)
Mandela: Time Cover Pictures
Manatee (A)
Manatee (B)
March of Dimes: Walkathon
Mandela News Conference (ABC Special Report)
Mark of Man and Promises To Keep
Mandela (1)
Male Models/Science Fiction Convention/Soup Digest/Strap-O-Gram


Box 92.

Mandela (4)
Mandela, et al
Magic Me: T., Booker (2)
Marine Slo-Mos
March of Time
Marci/Eric (B)
Marine Dad (1)
Marine Dad (2)
Marine In Desert
Marine Slo-Mos
Marine Story
Marketing Music (1)
Morgan’s Bond/Video Dating/Shula Bowl/I Will Survive The Future
Mardi Gras
Mark of Man Promises to Keep [2nd Copy]
Married w/ Children Footage
MD Army Guard Film
Martian Story



Box 93.

Married w/ Children (1)
Married w/ Children (A)
Married w/ Children (B)
Marshall, Penny Interview (2)
MD Film Comm. (A)
MD Film Comm. (B)
MD Weekend 5/17 (A)
MD Weekend 5/17 (B)
MD Weekend 5/31 (A)
MD Weekend 5/31 (B)
Mash TV Show (File Footage)
Mating & Dating (Evening Special)
Mattern, Alan (1)
Mattern, Alan (2)
Mattern, Alan (3)
Mattern, Alan (4)
Mayor, A Day With The/Cracker Jack King/Psychic/Ron Shaprio
Mayor’s Speech
Maxum Zul #1
Mayor, et al (3)


Box 94.

McPherson, Elle Workout
Media Ethics (A)
Media Ethics (B)
Mecham (A)
Mecham (B)
McKay, Jim: Baltimore’s Own
McMillan, Mrs. Office
McDonald, Ben (A)
McDonald, Ben: First O’s Game
McGyver (A)
McGyver (B)
McClain, Denny (A)
McClain, Denny (B)
Mencken’s America
Medstar (7)
Medstar (6)
Medstar (4)
Medstar (12)



Box 95.

Medstar (2)
Medstar (5)
Metro Crime Alert
Mencken’s America
Men Views on Women
Michener’s Hidden Chesapeake
Shriver, Maria Special
Merlin Standup (1)
Merlin Standup (3)
Mike & Sandra Interview (2)
Mikulski, Barbara (B)
Men At Work (A)
Men At Work (B)
Mfume, Kweisi: Evening With
Milligan, Randy (A)
Milligan, Randy (B)
Miller, Jon
Milan Street Scenes


Box 96.

Mikulski, Barbara Pix’s (B)
Minkau, Barry (B)
Minkau, Barry (A)
Mills, George 40th Anniversary Interview
Millionaire Master (A)
Millionaire Master (B)
Milford Elementary #4
Miracle Babies (A)
Miracle Babies (B)
Miller, Rudy (A)
Miller, Rudy (B)
Miss MD: Ins & Outs #2
Monroe, Marilyn (Ted Jordan Story)
Missing Beauty (1)
Miss Wheelchair America
Miracle Diemo
Miracle Diet? (A)
Miracle Diet? (B)



Box 97.

Moments of Glory
Monaco Master
Monte Carlo Video
Monte Carlo Video (French Standard)
Monopoly: Parker Brothers
Mississippi Tips New Orleans
Monitor (A)
Monitor (B)
Mitchell, Paul (3)
Miss Burn (A)
Miss Burn (B)
Moore, Blanch T.
Moore, Blanch T. (A)
Morgan (3)
Morgan (4)
Morgan (1)
Moore, Blanch T. (B)
Moore, Blanch T. V.O.


Box 98.

Morgan (2)
Morris, Leona (A)
Morris, Leona (B)
Morgan Fast Mo’s/Slow Mo’s
Moaning, Donna
Morgan Choir #2
Morgan Choir & Instructor #2
Morgan State Choir #4
Morgan (5)
Morgan (7)
Morgan State Choir (2)
Holland (A)
Holland (B)
Mosley, Father (1)
Mosley, Father (2)
Motorcycles Trucking Harbor #4



Box 99.

Murder In Harlem Pt. 1
MTA: Call A Lift, Rachel-Being Five, Miss Wheel Chair America
Mrs. Bias (2)
Mt. Royal Visit (2)
Mt. Royal #2
Mt. Royal #4
Murdoch, Shirley (A)
Murdoch, Shirley (B)
Mt. Vernon Alexandria (A)
Mt. Vernon Alexandria (B)
Transplant: Heart-Shaw
Music #1
Music #2
Music #3
Murphy, Reg (A)
Murphy, Reg (B)
Music Hot in the Summertime
Mansfield, Jayne
Now and Then: Mascot Shooting


Box 100.

Music 2
Cab Company
Music #1
Music #2 Blast
Music #3 Blast
6TK Music Bumpers
Music Edit
Music Hideaway
Music Marathon: 1984
Music Marathon: 1995
Music Montage Master
Music Montage B Master
Police Footage Bill Tower Interview 1
Police Class 63’
Plane Crash
Ray Patterson
Pearle Harbor
Post Card/ Sunrise
Purdue Interview
Paul Plaman F.T. McHenry
Royal Parker
Randy Wood/ Paint Shop Interview


Box 101.

NASA Footage: Rocket Launch
NAACP: Mr. Hooks
NAACP: Mr. Hooks
NAACP: Mr. Hooks B
NAACP: Mr. Hooks 3
Miss Nancy
NAACP 2: Ch. 2
NASA Animation
NASA Film Reel 3


Box 102.

Neemoy, Leonard
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 3B
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 #1A
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 #2A
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 #2B
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 #1B
RF Dub Navy Graduation ’80 #3A
Nesson: Education Center
Nevada 1: Washoe Helicopter
Nevada 2
Nevada 3
Nevada 4


Box 103.

Nevada 5
Nevada 6
Nevada 7
Nevada 8
Nevada 10
Nevada 12
Nevada 13
Nevada 15
Nevada 17
Nevada 18
Nevada 19
Nevada 21
News-cap tape
New York #2: Stock Footage
New Kids Show 4-1-one
Noah’s Habitat Storage (Underwater)
New York #3: Stock Footage
New York #7: Stock Footage


Box 104.

Night Club O’Dells, Silver Bullets
Nevada 22
Sharon Nevel
Sharon Nevel 3 P6
Sharon Nevel 2
New Age Music John Schaefer #2
Sharon Nevel 2 P6
New Age Music VH1 Studio #1
News Footage 3/28-29
News Footage 4/14
Sharon Nevel 5
Sharon Nevel 1
1999 Seg. I. B. (N)
1999 Seg. I. A (N)
1999 Credits B (N)
1999 Credits A (N)


Box 105.

NASA Film on Space Lab
NBC Morning Show
National “Off the Wall” Poll
Neelly, Todd (B)
Neelly Update (Master)
Neelly, Todd (A)
National Reel 1981
News Reel: Reel #3 1930s
News Feed D.C. Micro
Newsfeed One Satellite Feed “Evening’s Funniest Videos”
News Snuggle A
News Story
News Snuggle B
News one dub.


Box 106.

Nightwing Review Clips 2Cuts
1999 Seg. II A (N)
1999 Seg. II. B (N)
1999 Seg. III. A. (N)
1999 Seg. III. B. (N)
A Roll 1999 Tape Open
North Carolina
Open 1999 B (“1999” “N” for Nice)
North Carolina 2
North Carolina 2
North Carolina 4
Salisbury, NC
Now and then
Nothing but the best
Norton Film Students Riot ‘60s
Now and then: Club Rep.
Nuclear Power Film BG & E
Nudist A
Nudist B


Box 107.

Nutrisystem 1
NutraSweet 1
Nutrisystem B
NutraSweet B
Nutrisystem 4
Nutrisystem 5
Nutrisystem A
NutraSweet A
Nutrisystem 2
Nutrisystem 3
Dr. Nueman: Acupuncture
Nylon A
Nylon B
Orioles: How About Them O’s Hon!
Oriole Highlights 66’
Orioles Open
O’s Super Sidebar 1:11
Opening Day Final Score: Board Shot
Orioles Players/Stills


Box 108.

O’s A: 69
O’s B: 69
Os Florida Trip #11
Orioles vs NYY 2 4/4
O’s vs NYY 2 4/11
4 O’s vs NYY 4/11
O’s vs Yanks 4/11
O’s vs NYY 4/11
Orioles T.1
Orioles T.2
O’s vs Yanks 2 4/11
Orioles vs NY 5
Orioles vs Yanks 4
Orioles vs Yanks 4


Box 109.

O’s vs NY 5
O’s vs NYY 5
Orsulak, Joe
Our Town Revisited
M161 Outtakes
Painter, Noel
Euzhan Policy 2
Palmer, Jim #1
Palmer #2
Palmer #3
Palmer Promo #1
Palmer Tape #1
Palmer Pick-up #2
Palmer #6
Palmer, Jim Commercial
Palmer #5


Box 110.

Paramedics 1
Parent’s Helpers
Parks, Gordon
Past  Life Regression
Parker, Alma Sisters 2
Parker, Alma Rigby ‘Singing in Church’
Parker, Alma Rigby Sisters
Patterson, Dorsey
Paulimos, Bud: Recording Studio 3
Paulson, Pat A
Paulson, Pat B
Patti’s Concert, “Somewhere over the rainbow”
Payoff in the Pacific
Tape #1: Peck, Frederick C.
Tape #2: Peck, Frederick C.
Tape #3: Peck, Frederick C.
Patches and Liz Interview/Stills


Box 111.

Pardo, Bernadette Interview
Penguin A
Penguin B
Penguin 1
Penguin 2
Pepsi Skywriters A
Pepsi Skywriters B
Penn. Ave. Stills. Pratt
Penn. Ave. Set
Penn. Ave. Stills 1
Penn. Ave. Stills Pratt 2
B. Peters A
B. Peters B
Picasso, Paloma A
Picasso, Paloma B
Photo Stills 2
#1 Photograph Pics (Shots of Stars)
Political Wives A
Political Wives B
Polisar Master



Box 112.

Photographer of the Year
Piscopo, Joe A
Piscopo, Joe B
Pin-up Putter A
Pin-up Putter B
Picasso, Paloma Stills
Picasso, Paloma 1
Danny at Pimlico: Nightowl Crew
Pick of the Beat
Pit Bull/Hospital
Plagiarism A
Plagiarism B
Playboy 1
Playboy 3
Playboy 4 [2 Copies]
Plastic Surgery/Liz Ray/Singing Cabby/Hailstorm
Playboy 5


Box 113.

Playboy Champ 1+2: A
Champ Playboy B
1.) Police 911, 2.) Night Out Crew 2
Polillo, Anatol
7-11 Playmate B
Police Beat #3
Police 911 #1
68 Politics: Reel #5 News From Archive
Politics: 1968
Poster Child A
Poster Child B
Pot Wars
Pomerleau: 1969 #3
Polka Party: Fells Point
Preakness A
Preakness B



Box 114.

Preakness A: Ch. 1+2
Dr. Poussant Pick-Up
Presidential Debate I: 1984
Pretzel Queen
Pride Pt. I A
Pride Pt. I B
Pride Pt. II A
Pride Pt. II B
Pride Pt. III A
Pride Pt. III B
Pride PT. IV A
Pride PT. IV B
Pride of Baltimore Telethon
Pride of Baltimore 24 hrs.


Box 115.

Pride of Baltimore 2
Pride Playback Master 1
Pride Playback Master 2
Prince Master
Princess Di 3:52 Master
Prince of Morbella A
Prince of Morbella
Prince Presentation
PSA: Voice Over (Merlin Olsen)
Programming: Mid-Year Review 1983
Prison: A Day in the Life
Prison Death Penalty
Primary Election 1983


Box 116.

The Psychic Connection
Public Women, Private Men
A Private Affair: Barry and Alice
A Private Affair: Lynda’s Story
Primitive Paradise, et al.
Project Low Rise 2
Puerto Rico A
Psychic (Master)
Race for the Bomb
Puerto Rico B
Roger Rabbit B
Roger Rabbit A
Radcliffe, Donny A
Radcliffe, Donny B
Radcliffe, Donny A


Box 117.

Radcliffe, Donny B
Radcliffe, Donny 1
Radcliffe, Donny 2
Radcliffe, Donny 3
Radcliffe, Donny 4
Rand, Mike: Various Stories
Radon Graphics
RAP Update A
RAP Update B
Rather #4
Rather #5
Rather #6
Rather #7
Rather #8
Raw Egg/Erotic Bakery/Your Personality + Your dog/Crazy Parrots
Raymond, Guy
Ravens vs. Indy


Box 118.

Record Cassettes, “High on the job”
Reagan on the Rocks A
Reagan on the Rocks B
Ready Set Go
Remembering Christina McAuliffe
Relative Flame A
Relative Flame B
Red Cross B-Roll
Red Cross
Red Cross
Renaissance Festival –Dub-
Renaissance Festival A
Renaissance Festival B
Renaissance 1
Renaissance 2
Renaissance 3
Renaissance 5
Reporter Targets B


Box 119.

Rebel on the Right/ Mankind America
1/23 Rich Kids
Rich Kids B
Rich Kids A
Reporter Targets (New Open)
Richard in Chicago
Quads Master
Quinn, Sally
Quinn, Mighty (A)
Quinn, Mighty (B)
Q, Dennis (B)
Q, Dennis (A)
Rich Kids: St. Albans
Rich Kids B (1)


Box 120.

Ritalin (A)
Ritalin (B)
Ripken, Billy A
Ripken, Billy B
Riots Slo-Mos
Rich Kids: St. Albans 2
Rich Kids: Stills
Richardson, Kay
Ripken, Bill
Rio File Footage
Rivera, Geraldo #3
Rivera, Geraldo #1
Rivera, Geraldo #4
Rivera, Geraldo #5
McKenna, Jim & Ruth Interview 2
McDonald, Bill Romper Room Kid Interv. 1
Mehulski, Jackie Interview and Stills
Raymond Montage Int.


Box 121.

Mr. Miles Int. 1
Mr. Miles Potting Clay
Micky/Ineta at Club
Maslin, Rub
Marveene Int.
Mathews, Ray 1
McCough, Jean (Barber Int.)
Maria 1
Mighty Mouth
Michael Man Int.
Maria 2
McGrady, Doug
Morgan, Cathy Interview (Stills and Nation TV) #1 (7/95)
Miss Em Interview Photos #1 7/95
N&T Anniversary Material 1st 4/92
Mertz, Arla Interviews Stills & Buck #1 (7/95)
Moore, Gary 1
Mosley, Dazelle Interview (Kitchen Photo)
Marsh, Jack: Interview Stills (Walking) #1
McNeil, Inetta Interview 1
McCann, Joey
New Beginnings
New Medical Shot
Norma/Dante 1
Norm’s Camcorder Club
News Segments et al. 1
New MTA Bus
News Segments et al. 2
New American, et al.
Norma/Dante 2
New and Now
News Segments et al.
News Segments et al.
Noeman, Paul and Carl: Interv. 1
Miss Nancy Interview
Norris, Steve Oyster Man (Interview and Stills)
Norris, Steve Oyster Man



Box 122.

Nywan, Doctor
Richard + Oprah Interview
Richard + Oprah Interview
Richards and Oprah Interview.
Richards & Oprah Interview
Oprah in the morning
Otto, Greg Interview 1
OC Economy 1
OC Economy 3
OC Taffy 3
OC Taffy 2
OC Memorial Day 2
OC Taffy 1
OC Economy 2
Otter, Beth Interview 1
Otter, Beth 2
Orchard Street Church 2
Orchard Street Church
Otter, Beth
Operation Haste Kick-Off
Old Stand-ups (FAT) End of 95
OC Economy 4
Opening Day Interior Shots
Opening Day Exterior Shots
Old Radio Video Post Card Tape For Credits
Old Tower Base Installation
1978 News
Ocean City: Fish


Box 123.

Pace, Roger Performing #01
Pace, Roger Interv. 1
Patches Interview 1
Price, Allen Interview 1
Pace, Roger Scenes & Stills #2
Paint and Powder DUB
Post Cards: Ocean City
Pratt, Bill: Interview Stills Recording Studio #1
Pratt, Bill Interview Stills (Feb 96) #2
Riddle, Betty: Interview and Stills
Parker, Royal: Interview & Stills #1
Pheonyx Int. 1
Post Cards
Powell, E. Fish, Roland: Walking Interview #1
Pezic, Dr. Interview #1
Plastic Pants: Gloria Eltwords #2
Pastore, Frank 2
Pastore, Frank (Interview)
Pheonyx Int. 2
Clemons, Gloria: Working Interview
Pollock Johnnies
Plebes Day Annapolis 90’
Patrol Car
Purdue #2 Interview Stills
PM Mag
Pastore, Mike 1  
Pastore, Mike 2
Rivers, Joan A
Rivers, Joan B
Robber Hostage [Aug. 9, 1980], et al. Eyewitness News broadcast clips 1980


Box 124.

Robbins, Brian A
Robbins, Brian B
Roberts, Julia A
Roberts, Julia B
Roberts, Julia & Golden Globe
Robinson, Mrs. A
Robinson, Mrs. B
Robinson, Bales #2
Robinson, Frank, et al.
Rock in Ads A
Rock in Ads B
Rollercoaster Footage
Rollercoaster Footage
Rollercoaster Dub


Box 125.

Robinson, Brian #1
Root for the Hometown B
Robinson, Brian #2 [2 copies]
Rollins, Howard (A)
Rollins, Howard (B)
Rollercoaster Enthusiasts Dub
M212 Roy & Dale No Air Date
Roseanne A 1+2
Roseanne B No Credits
Royal Parker Video
Roosevelt WWII
Royal Sisters Dub A
Royal Sisters Dub B
Runaway Father A
Runaway Father B
Russia B


Box 126.

Russians in Film A
Russians in Film B
Ruttledge at Zoo 1
Rutledge, B.: Office
Thy Russian House Master
Ruttledge at Zoo 2
Ruttledge Zoomerang
Ryan, Bill
Sadat A
Sadat B
Sadat 2
Sadat, Jehon #2
Sadat, Jehon #3
Sadat, Jehon #4
Sadat Photographer 1
Sadat Photographer 2
Sadat Photographer 3
Safety on the Set


Box 127.

Safety on the Set #2
SA-Fire B
Sally + Shirley A
S.A. Fire A
Sally + Shirley B
Safety on the Set #8
St. Albans 1/19
Safety on the Set #4
Safety on the Set #7
Safety on the Set #6
Sawyer, Diane: A
Sawyer, Diane: B
Scandal Tour A
Scandal Tour B
Scanners Master
Music: Scared Straight
Schaefer, Johns: New Age Music #1
Scheim 1
Scheim 2
Scheim 3


Box 128.

Scheim 4
Schmoke, Patricia: Get to Know
Schmoke: Breakfast 1
School for the Arts B
Schaefer Goes to Annapolis
Schmoke, Pat 1
San Francisco 1
San Francisco 6
Savage Splendor Film Clips
Schmoke, Pat ISO 2
Schmoke, Pat: Interview 2
Schmoke, Pat: ISO 1
S.A.T. B
Saturday Night Dead
GTM: Savage River


Box 129.

Schmoke, Kurt: Pictures
Schmoke Pat: Interview with ISO
Schmoke, Pat: Stills & B Rolls


Scorpion Man A. Ch. 1+2
School for Arts A
Scorpion Man B. Ch. 1
Scott’s Story
Screen Paint A Ch. 1+2
Secret Service, Films and Visuals/Assassinations
Scratch Version
Scott B.
Sealand Fit For A King, et al.
Seduction of Sports
Selleck, Tom
Selleck, Tom A
Selleck B
Selleck A



Box 130.

1.) Senator 2.) Denise
Selling Jessica’s Story
Selleck, Tom B
Sex Etiquette
Set Sampler
Seton, Elizabeth
Senator, B
Senator Stills
Senator, A
Sex in the 80’s B
Sex in the 50’s A
Sex in the 50’s B
Sex in the 70’s A
Sex in the 70’s B
Sex in the 60’s A
Sex in the 60’s B
Sex in the 80’s A


Box 131.

Sex in the 80’s B
Sex in the 80’s 2
San Francisco 4
San Francisco 5
Sandy Point 2
Schlassberg, Mr.
Scenes of Baltimore
S. Seymour A
S. Seymour B
School on Trial
Shark Fish A Ch. 1+2
Shark Fish B Ch. 1+2
Ally Sheedy, A
Ally Sheedy, B
Sharks VHS (Dub)
Sheppard Pratt


Box 132.

Richard Sher Interview
Richard Sher Interview
Sheehan Easter
Shocked Sober
Audio Tape: Shock Trauma
Short People A
Shotgun 4
Show 9/25 D
Sheldon Master
Show Elements A 5/11
Shroud 1
Shroud 2
Schefar A Caller ID
Sight A
Sight B


Box 133.

Silks/Saddles: A Jockey’s Story (2 copies)
Simon High School
Sinbad A
Simmon’s Trial
Sinbad #1
Sinbad #3
Ken Singleton 2
Sins #4 A
1.) Singere (Donald + Cleopatra) 2.) Hand Model 3.) Pocono’s Nudist Resort 4.) Jaclyn Smith
Sidebar, Ricardo
Sins #4 B
Six Min. Cinema B
Credit A 6 Min. Cinema
Six Minute Cinema 1



Box 134.

Long Equations (Box 87)
Sizzling Swimwear
Skydive Film I.
Skydive II.
Slots A
Slots B
Smell A Ch. 1+2
Sloth (Sins) A
Sloth (Sins) B
Smiraff, Yakou #2
Smiraff, Yakou #1
Smell B
Smith, Kay B
Smith, Toukie B
Smith, Kay News
Smith, Toukie A
Smithsonian 2 B


Box 135.

Smithsonian 3 B
Smithsonian Politics No. A (B)
Smokey and the Bandit (1,2,3)
Smithsonian 2 (A)
Safety on the Set (A)
Shots From the Block (Baltimore)
This is Indoor Soccer
Sound A
Sound B
Psychic 1
Smith, Kay (A)
Soap Star A
Snyder, Mitch (A)
Sound Effects
South Africa 5
South Africa 7
Space Product 1


Box 136.

Spain A
Jungle Head Hunters
Spain B
Spanish Nightlife A
Spanish Lovers B
Spanish Lovers A
Spain Archives Misc.
Spain Archives: Bulls
Spain Overview A
Spain Overview B
Spanish Nightlife B
Spain Teaser Promo
Time Machine A
Time Machine B
Costa Windsurf A
Costa Windsurf B
Spain Wraps


Box 137.

Special Olympics #2
1. Special Olympics 2.Nick Magazine 3.Telsie Howard 4. Sheel Deal
Special Olympics #1
Special Anniversary Evening Mag.
Spectacular Bid Race at Laurel Futurity (Original)
Speech Writers A
Speech Writers B
Spelling House
News Dub: Splice Tape #1
News Dub: Splice Tape #2
Spike Lee A
Spike Lee B
Spike 1
Spike 2


Box 138.

Spike 3
Sports Illus. A
Sports Illus. B
Sports Illustrated Swimsuits
Sports Footage RF (Dub)
1.Sports Medical Center 2.Triplets 3.Pro Bowlers 4.Sam Donald’s
Sports Photos A
Sports Photos B
Sports Stars #3
Stadium Plane Crash
Stage Moms
Stallings, Rev. 1
Stallings, Rev. 2
Stallone, Jackie A
Stallone, Jackie B
Secret Service Master 6
Stars are Gathering
Stars on Ice


Box 139.

Star Caterer A
Star Caterer B
Stearns, Stan A
Stearns, Stan B
Step Families 5
Story Master A
Statue of Liberty
Stars: Stills
Story Master B
Stress A
Stress B
Swim Suits A
Swim Suits B
Swim Ex. A
Swim Ex. B
Stunts on Wheels
Geo VO
Swayze, Patrick
Stress of War


Box 140.

Stoddard, Mark
Sunday News Feed
Sunday World News
Stop Smoking Camp, et al.
Sucka A
Sucka B
Sunday Edition B
Super Cop A
Super Cop B
Sunpapers Night Owl Crew
Sunpapers #2
Super Dance
Super Thumb Pruning
Surrogate Mothers A
Surrogate Mothers B


Box 141.

Surviving Torture
Susan Interview Audio 2
Susan’s Interview 1
Susan Olbrech 1
1.Suzie 2.Building of Ships   A
1.Suzie 2.Building of Ships   B
Teacher 4
Teacher 5
Teacher 8
Truth on TV Seg. 1 B
Truth TV #3 A
Teacher 7
Truth Video #2 A
Truth Video #2 B
Truth TV #3 B
Turk, Bob
1. Tugboat Captain 2.Night Owl Crew. (1)
1. Tugboat Captain 2. Night Owl Crew (2)


Box 142.

Turner, Kathleen B
TV Stars Branch Out (A)
TV Stars Branch Out (B)
“T” 2 Live Crews
“T” 2 Live Crew Concert
“T” 2 Live Crew “Big Daddy”
Talk Show Mania 1
Turner, Jerry: Stand Ups
Turner, Tony 1
Turner, Tony A
Turner, Tony B
TV People Who Are Stars, et al.
Talk Show Mania 2
20th Century Fox 1
Underground Kid  
Underwood, Marty A
Underwood, Marty B
Underwood, Marty #1
Underwood, Marty #2


Box 143.

Underwood, Marty #3
Underwood, Marty #4
Underwood, Marty #5
Underwood, Marty #6
United Way: Foster Grandparents
United Way 1
United Way 2
US Mag. A
US Mag. B
USA Today Test
United Way: Visiting Norse
United Way: UCP Camp 5
United Way: Swim Stella Maris
US Magazine 2
US Air: 317’s
U.F.O. 12
UCP 1984


Box 144.

US Stills #2
US Magazine #3
US Magazine #4
US Magazine #5
US Magazine #8
US Stills #1
US Magazine #7
US Magazine #6
UFO 11
UFO Home Videos
UFO 10
United Way Big Brother Scout 2
Travel Safety 2
Tri Athlete 1
Trex Speaks Kids Videos
The Stripper Music
Jerry Turner 25th Anniv.
Teacher Stills



Box 145.

Teacher 3
A Time For Change
Teacher-Mom at School 3
Tiny Hearts/Infant Heart Surgery #8
Teacher 2
Teacher 1
Teacher 6
U of Wisconsin Medical: Aging Process
UCP Telethon 1987
UCP Telethon Tape #5 1987
U.F.O. Film
HTH Wes + Connie Unseld A
UCP Telethon 85’  Tape 11
Underwater Investigation


Box 146.

UCP Telethon 8, 1985
UCP Telethon Tape #9 1987
UCP Stories Reel 3 1985
Touch A Ch. 1+2 4:30
United Way
The Three Bears
1. Under the Big Top 2.Inventor 3.Central Casting 4. Evening Bloopers
Touch B Ch. 1 4:30
Tower B
Tower A
Town for Sale 1
Town for Sale 3
Town for Sale 5
Townsend, Robert (A)
Tragedy for Sale A
Tragedy for Sale B
Trauma A


Box 147.

Trauma B
Trans Atlantic Slides
Transplant: Heart A
Transplant: Heart B
Transplant: Heart 13
Transplant #2
Heart Transplant 14
Transplant #16
Trouble of Waters: Master
Truth on TV   A
Truth on TV B
Teacher Hero B
Tennis: Master
Tenuta, Judy B
Tenuta, Judy A
Terrorism A
Terrorism #1


Box 148.

Terrorism B
The Stripper A
The Stripper B
This Evening: Auditions
Tiny Hearts 7
Time to Care I
This is Baltimore: 1959-60
The Front Page 1
The Front Page 2
Durrance: Dr. Tom/Wife Shuttle Fight 2
Durrance: Dr. Tom/Wife Shuttle Fight 1
“Tonight” Fly-in
Too Darn Fat to Drive A
Too Darn Fat to Drive B
This is Baltimore
Top Gun Granny A
Top Gun Granny B
Topless Coffee Shop
Tabloid: News Files Footage


Box 149.

Tabloids A
Tabloids B
Tabloid Stills 2
Tabloid Stills 2
TOG Annapolis A
Take Me Out to the Ball Game #2
TOG Annapolis B
TOG Gettysburg
TOGGA Howard County “A”
TOGGA Howard County “B”
TOG St. Michaels   A
Tank of Gas Ocean City B
Tank of Gas St. Michaels B
TOG Easton A
TOG Easton B
Tank of Gas Ocean City A
Taste A
Taste B
Teacher Hero A
Taste of Maryland
Valley View Center 1


Box 150.

Valley View Center 2
Vanna  A (1)
Vanna  B (1)
Vanna  A (2)
Vanna  B (2)
Vanna #1
Vanna #2
Vanna #3
Vanna #4 (Interview)
Vanna’s Vo’s
Vashti, et al.
Vashti: Inside Guide
Travel : Venice
Vicksburg Tip 11/15/82
Vid Kids 1


Box 151.

Wally Sanders 2
Mel Seabode Interview 1
Kathleen Smith 1
April Smith
Sports Illustrated Workout
Wally Sanders Interview 1
Harry Silverwood Interview-Stills-Piano
Dub of Paint & Powder Show 1988
Steve Shinski’s Mom Interview 2
Kathleen Smith Photo, Farm (?), Car (?) #2
Cableen, Erin, Sheckals Interview
Kedrick Scribner Interview/Play Bongos/Photos
Richard Sayers
Patrick Simpson
SALK Vaccine
Mr. Roberts
Rick & Helen Lids Photos #1
Rick & Helen Lids Interview #1A
Romper Room Boy
Fred Robinson Interview 2
Run Rieder: Working
Pelleau Island Invasion Dub #4 VCR II 11/91
Ronnie, Ray, Joey at work
Royal Chesapeake Upholster Carpets
Fred Robinson Interview/Stills 1
Rap Story
Rich Kids/Above
Red Steiger Interview
Sheila Ross 2
Fred Robinson In Studio
Kim Roosevelt T1 Interview
Kim Roosevelt Tape 2 Broil
Sheila Anthony Ross Interview 1
Ron Rieder Interview 2
Glora Roland Interv. 1
Terry Rakolta 3/4/89


Box 152.

Arnold Sales Interview 1
Bettye Speed Interview 1
Bettye Speed
April Smith Interview 1
Roller Derby
Video Shock: The Revolution in your Living Room.
Vietnam Memorial 1
Vietnam Memorial 2
Vietnam Memorial A
Vietnam Memorial B
Virgin Grand 3/7
Voice of the O’s –Joe Angel Tape 3
Voice of O’s A
B-Roll Voice of O’s
Voice of O’s 1
Voice of the O’s #2 B1
Voice of the O’s 3
T-3 Lenny
T-4 Pics
Tape 200
Tape 200?

Box 153.

Baby Boom: The Pig in the Python/ Hard/Ketchum
Now and Then
Dolly Parton
Tips Edit Tape 16: Chef Tell No-stick Frying; Laura – Wknd & Preakness Balloon; Dr. Wasco – Glacoma; Bob – Silber’s Bakery; Chef Tell – cucumber salad; Capt. Carrot – Eucalyptus plant; Bob – Bass Pro Shop; M. Fox – parakeets; L. Charles – Bounty Night club; Dr. Wasco – soft/hard contact lenses; Bob – Best view from tower
Walter Club Interview
Walter Club Interview 2
War in Germany Medal
Warm Tower Destruction 5/95
Watson Pkg
Anita Wehrman Interview 2
Jack Wells 1
John  White playing music
Chuck Whitacher Driving
Chuck Whitacher: Interview/Stills/ Working
Wild World
Betty Willey Interview
Chief Williams Interview 1
Chief Williams 2
Mark Williams Interview
JR Williams Interview 1/Maryland Drydock
Rev. Wilson Interview, etc.
Danielle Winkler: Interview & Stills
Christopher Winslow Interview
Dub VHS Radio Stuff
WJZ Radio -0ld Stills
WJZ Radio -0ld radio sounds # 3
Woman’s Fair
Woman’s Fair ‘78
Zim playing Chesapeake High



Box 154.

Wehrman, Anita
Teen Scene
Jack Wells
Jack Wells Pix
Jack Wells Interview 3
Teen Sex: Nesson
Terry Interview
Test 6 minute color: Evening Magazine
Test Version of USA Today
TTC Wraps
Arthur Watson
Christopher Winslow #2
Women/children with AIDS
Women with AIDS 2
Zim Zimeral Interview/Stills #1
Joe Zurolo Interview/Stills #1
Joe Zurolo Working out/ Training Film/Photo
Telethon show
Tenth Anniversary Animation
File Footage/Test Pilot Film
Jr Williams Interview
Dub of Rev. Wilson


Box 155.

Housing Hell
Tall Ships in Baltimore
Tank of Gas Tips
Things to Come
Time to Care Special/Triumph Over Tragedy 7/8/89
Time to Care: Elements
Time to Care 2
Tips Package
To Fly
Tough Guys & Gals Contest/ Erotica party/ Simon Says/Beauty Makeover Fantasy
Toy Run
Twister: Hurricane Hunter Killer Tornadoes
Torino Street
Robert Townsend – B Roll
Van Dykes Practice and Stills
Vietnam Footage: Silent & Sound


Box 156.

TIO Childrens Special
Talent Bank LTD/Weekend Anchor Debbie Wright
The Bead Experience
The Block: 24 hours in Baltimore
The Crossing
The Making of a sportscaster
AIDS Lifeline: Threads of Life
Through Young Eyes
Theatre Project 2
Theatre Project 3
John Bartholomew Tucker Tape 1
Bob Turk
Bob Turk – Film Dub
Bob Turk’s Wonder World


Box 157.

Erik Kristofersen: Interview/Stills/Mario
Let’s Dance Social Club June 1993 – Tape 2
Steve Rubin Interview
St. Paul’s fire
Rick Seaby Interview/Stills #1
Steve Shinsky Interview #1
Skate Box Boys and Italian Grocer from 1960-1962
Silk Saddles B
Silk Saddles 2
Ernest Smith parade harbor
Ernest Smith interview/stills #2
Gil South stills
Dee Snell – Author
Speech writers nationwide
Sports fantasy
Stadium Construction
Stadium Interior Shot
Stadium Longshot
Stadium Shot MLK Blvd.
Stainback Walking & Stills
Steel Girders
Helen Steg Interview/Photos #1
Helen Steg Interview/Photos #2
Steel Girders
John Steigerwald (Sports)
David Storey Interview Photos #1
David Storey playing organ 2
Storm of 1933
Street Boxer
Julie Sulter Interview & Stills at work place
Summer Pleasure Club 2
Don Swartz Interview #1 stills plays guitar
Don Swartz Interview #1
Don Swartz #2
Don Swartz #3
Herb Swartz Interview #2 Painting & Music
Terry Sites #1
Will Taylor


Box 158.

Van dykes 3
Van dykes 4
Brandon from Life
Herb Schwartz Interview 1
Story from May 29, 1978 Eyewitness News broadcast on the a motion picture film that was shooting at the Civic Center and was called “The Senator”, with the final title being “The Seduction of Joe Tynan” and released in 1979. This is a dub. 
Ed Snediker Investigator
South Baltimore Little League Parade
Gil South Interview & singing
Bill Spicer: Interview/Stills
Spirit of 66 – John Kennelly Dub from 16mm Black & White film
Gino Stagi Barber 1
Gino Stagi 2
Sharon Stainback Interview
Veronica Tyler Interview 1
Walter Stone Interview 1
Walter Stone Still & Photos 2
Walter Stone Shots from 8mm & ¾” tape; Lubers Gywin Oak park Pkg April 1970
Nancy Suerth Interview 1
Nancy Suerth Interview 2
Tim in LA
Jerry Turner
Jerry Turner A
Jerry Turner B
Tommy Vann Interview Sings & Photos 1
Tommy Vann Interview Photos & Paints 2
Tommy Vann Interview Karaoke 3
Vince Clues working interview/stills
Victor/Elma Interview 1
Victor/Elma Interview 2
Gene Vincent Interview & Stills 1
Gene Vincent Interview 4
Jo Jo Vital Playing at Dinos
Jo Jo Vital Interview & Stills 2


Box 159.

Dan & Ron Interview toy Run Photos 1
Dan & Ron Interview toy Run Photos 2
30th Anniversary Dub
40th Triplets party
Judge John Lanbelik
Judge John Lanbelik in Court
Jim Leatherman Interview 1
Alan Lee Interview1
Jay Lerch Interview
Long Grey Line
The Madison Dance
Barbara Maury Interview 1
Jack Taylor Interview 1
Jack Taylor Interview 2
This is Baltimore
This is Baltimore 2
Them on Bike
Penny Thomas Interview 1
Penny Thomas Interview 2
June Thorne Interview 1
June Thorne Arena Actors Photos
Time to Care 2
Dana Tison Interview Stills/Juggling 1
Tom/June Interview 2
Judy Tormet 1
Judy Tormet 7
Allen Tracy Bat boy
Allen Tracy Interview
Jim Tracy Fire Flies #1 Interview & Babe Ruth Museum
Jim Tracy Fire Flies #2/Stills
Tracy & Mike Ball Playing Interview 1
Tracy & Mike #2
Transplant 8
Trick Skating
Joe Turner Interview
Joe Turner Playing Music
Veronica Tyler Interview #2
Tammy White Interview #1


Box 160.

Marilyn’s Lovers
Elle MacPherson
Bill Murray Interview
Mardi Gras 6
Voodoo Master
Volcano 1
Volcano Scapes
Volunteer Med. Engineer
From VHS Orig.
Voodoo Master
Voyage A
Voyage: The Wreck B
Voyager A
Voyager B
VP Debates 10/12/1984
Skaters 1
Skaters 2
Skaters 3
Skaters 4
Bob Rivers A
Bob Rivers B
Von Paris


Box 161.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts 2
Bill Walters Tape #1 – 3/7/90
Bill Walters Tape #2 – 3/7/90
Bob Turk – War & Baltimore – A
Bob Turk – War & Baltimore – B
Marty Ward Audio Tape
Warhol A
Warhol B
Booker T. Washington 2
Washington Wives A
Washington Wives B
John Waters A
John Waters B
John Waters #2
Waterskiers A
Waterskiers B
Arthur Watson
WD News Prague
Who Killed JFK Zabruder Film


Box 162.

We Are The World
Wedding at Courthouse 6
Wedding Photo A
Wedding Photo B
Weekend Guide
Weekend Guide
Weekend Guide/Glenn Marcie
Weekly Stories
Jack Wells
Jack Wells Pix
Wedtech A
Adam West
Adam West 2
Adam West A
Adam West B
Western, MD
Who’s Best for Blacks, Republicans or Democrats?
W. Lombard Street Shooting Incident – April 16, 1976


Box 163.

When I get up Medical Revolution
Wet Suit – A
Wet Suit – B
Wet Suit #1
Wet Suit # 2
Wet Suit – Pick Up
Sharon Wevel
Sharon Wevel – 4
Jerry Weaver  #1
Jerry Weaver  #2
Susan White-Bowden
Susan White – 1
Susan White Commencement Speech
White House Clips
White House Interview
Wet Suits under water
WETA: Capital Steps
US Naval Academy Gradation 1980
Whellin’ Steel


Box 164.

Oprah 1982 AM Promo
Mary Wilson – Master
White water kayaking – A
White water kayaking – B
Billy D. Williams
Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson – B
Milan Williams – A
Milan Williams – B
Frank Wills – A
Frank Wills – B
Winery 2
Winery 4
Winery 5
Doug Williams  – A
Doug Williams  – B
Jet Williams – A
Jet Williams – B
Tank of Gas – Williamsburg A
Tank of Gas – Williamsburg B
Ben Wilson
Travis Winkey; Baltimore’s Bess; Oriole’s Slugger – Ken Singleton; Fighting Phobias


Box 165.

Blast Open –A
Blast Open – B
Blast – S2 A
Blast  – S2 B
Blast  – S3 A
Blast – S3 B
Winter Blast  – S4 A
Winter Blast – S4 B
Wizards Pick-up
Wonder Woman -A
Wonder Woman -B
Working it out Kids & Race
Katarina Witt/Brian Boitano
Wonder world #12
WJZ-TV Loaner
Women with AIDS – A
Women with AIDS – B
Womens Exchange – 2


Box 166.

Work-a-holic – A
Work-a-holic – B
Work Tape
Work Tape & open music
City’s World Trade center
WTTG – 6
WTTG – 7
WTTG – 8
WTTG – Philanthropic Millionaire
WTTG – Discrimination #1
WTTG– Discrimination #2
WTTG – 5
WTTG – Locator #3
World War II – Europe
World War II – Pacific
Work Boat Parade
Cal Worthington
Yogis – A
Yogis – B
Young Gun
Yellow Bowl Diner
Elaine Young #1


Box 167.

Elaine Young #2
Elaine Young #3
Youth Plus
Interview with Arnold Zenker WJZ 40th “Anniversary Greeting and Thoughts…” (20 min.)
David Ziegler
Rich Zoglin
Zoo – B
Zoo – 5
Zoo – 6
Zoo – 7
Zoo Pics
Arnold Zenker Show Dub– Reel #1 (60 min.) “The Zenker Hearings” Topic: Housing (c. 1970)
Arnold Zenker Show Dub– Reel #2 (60 min) Topic: Current Fashion Trends (c. 1970)
Yo Yo – A
Yo Yo – B
Z – Best
Obsessive A- Roll
Obscene Caller A
Obscene Caller B
Rich Kids


Box 168.

Zoo Stills
Old News Film: 1968-1969
Old News Film: 1970-1971 (Reel 2)
Old News Film Reel #4
Old Show Stills
O’Donel Levy & Co. at University of Alabama
Off Shore Drilling (Underwater)
Oldest Paperboy; Survival Games; World’s fastest typist; hurdy gurdy man
Old Folks
Old 1920’s music
Obsessive B- Roll
Ocean City – Getaway A
Ocean City – Getaway B
Ocean City – File footage
Ocean City – File footage


Box 169.

Oprah Winfrey on AM Chicago
O’s Birds – A
O’s Birds – B
Olie North
Olie North – B
Onassis – A
Onassis – B
On My Own
On My Own – follow up
Old Studebaker Ads
Open – A
Open – C
Open and bumps – B
Open Dub
Rolf Hertsgaard – Dub of Old trail (murder)
O’s Florida Trip – #7


Box 170.

Terry O’Guinn – A
Terry O’Guinn – B
Orioles’ Birds – 1
O’s Birds – 2
Orioles’ Birds – 3
O’s Florida Trip – #1
O’s Florida Trip – #2
O’s Florida Trip – #3
Orioles Digs – A
Orioles Digs – B
Orioles 1966 #2
Orioles 500
O’s Florida Trip – #4
O’s Florida Trip – #5
O’s Florida Trip – #6
O’s Florida Trip – #8


Box 171.

John Moran – Audition tape of Keith Eichner
In Celebration of Black Culture
CBS News Affiliates Presentation
Focal Point the Sounds in the Street
NewsCap Auditions (con’t) Hot Topics II
Saturday Lotto & Pick 3 and 4
Morning Show ACS Code: 2793.04
Promo – Premiere
Seduction of Sports (Sales Presentation)
John Hopkins University – Lisa Hooker (Science Writer)
Danyell Irby Audition Tape 2 spots (Property of: Mr. Mike Easterling)
Miller Brewing Company
Video tape Resume – Maureen Mustapich
Mobtown Video Dubs (Rick James & Smokey Robinson, Lionel Richie, Dennis Edwards, Rockwell, Kidd Glove, Alicia Bridges, Run DMC)


Box 172.

Funny Home Video Tease
Willy B. O’Brien Audition 4 Segments
Photo Stills #3
Photo Stills #4
Ins and Outs Edited Master Friday (Mudd Film Transfer #3)
Wednesday Lottery
A- Roll  Sheraton 317
Lowes Holiday Inn Penn 4:00 T.C.; Lowes Summit Hotel 317 Master
Hilton 317
B-Roll Sheraton 317
Nutra System Promo Mat (DUB of Entertainment Report Story)
6 Minute Cinema Music
Evening Generic Promos
Pictures in the Sky Promos: 451416,451713
6 Minute Cinema Aurora Elements Open Demo Dub
A – Roll Box Office BOFFO
K. Chumm
4/17- Promo Tape of Tracy Kirkpatrick
Hyatt Promo
Evening Magazine- Elle Promo (Audio pick-up)


Box 173.

Gale & The Storm Men Featured on WJZ-TV 1966
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4  Monday
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4  Tuesday
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4 Wednesday
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4  Thursday
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4 Friday
WJZ-TV 13 –Pick 3, 4 Saturday
Marketing Music Pepsi #2
WJZ-TV 13 – “Nothing But the Best” Sales Tape
New Age Music – VH-1  #2
Tower Records New Age Music #1
Tower Records New Age Music #2
New Age Music (Star Magic)
Bal-more #1 2/9
Bill Higgins- Sports Demo
WJZ-TV 13 – Lotto & Pick 3- 8/18/84
Lottery Remote at Fair
Baltimore is Beautiful – Running time 8:09 #49
Teases & Gebs for week of 11/15


Box 174.

Solitude 12/9 – Toni
Promo 4/6 –Paloma Picasso (Dub from B) #1
Evening Mag – Hyatt Ft. Worth 3/17
Promos- 3/15, 3/16
Cut-Ins – 4/17
In & Outs Credits – V.O,’s from Guest
Evening Magazine – On Camera Composite Tape Nancy Birnbaum
PM Magazine Story Master WJZ-TV- Jason Science Center
PM Magazine Story Master WJZ-TV- Smithsonian #2 Air & Spce “A”
Baltimore #2 (122) – 2/9
PM Magazine – Field Master (Promo A) 4/11
Lottery Presentation (2 Minutes, 34 Seconds)
Evening Magazine Promo 4/9
PM Magazine Kay Richardson “Working out with the Redskins- Thunder thighs”
Shots for “Open” #145
Promo A-  3/14
Tape 125 #1- 2/11- Emir and Mary
Stills #5
Stills #6
Stills #7


Box 175.

Evening Magazine – Once Upon a Team (Dub)
KETV – H-23-85 SW Feed
Bauman 25th Anniversary 9/28; 1978 Election Stand Ups – Tape# 76
WJZ – TV “Balt –A-Mornings” On Air Promo 30/30 10/18/88; Bond & Beyond Contest Promo
Ogilvy & Mather, Inc. Marriott Great America #2 – Demon Ride Dailies 6/20/1980
Nutri/System Inc. – 8 on 1 Spring 1990 T.V. Commercials
MD. Public Broadcasting – For L. Bailey
“In the Spot”  Host Auditions- 6/9/88; Chuck Lidpman, Allen Wendl, Harold Anthony
KETV – High School Vigilanties 3/28/85 (SW Regional Feed Cast 4/22/85)
Evening Mag. 1. Tall People’s Club; Sex Doctor Of Airways; Orioles Buglar; Mr. Maryland Championship
Reno’s quickie Weddings – We live in Paradise E021027 Tuesday
Evening Mag. – Primitive Paradise #3


Box 176.

Promo 3/26
Promo Caribbean Day #2 – 2/20/90
Anchormen A
Anchormen B
Larry Angelo Interview Tape #1
Larry Angelo Interview Tape #2
F. Apple – Tape A
Segment #3  – A Roll
Segment #3 – B Roll
V.O. BB’s/XP 3/5 – 3/6
Promo  Tape A – 1/24
Anniversary Government
Jack Anderson- Tape A
Jack Anderson- Tape B
Frank Approach  – Tape A (Evening Mag)
Frank Approach  – Tape B (Evening Mag)
Evening Magazine –Special 10th  A-roll
1970 File Film; Anti War & School Disorders
Maya Angelou #1
WJZ Apple Jubilee #2- 11/11


Box 177.

Evening Magazine – Promo 4/4
Evening Magazine – Promo 3/13
Mork & Mindy Outakes
Evening Magazine Promo -3/22
Evening Magazine- Music Filter Rich Promo Save
Evening Magazine Promo 4/3
PM Magazine – Field Master 10/5
1969 Segment 3 – Tape A
1969 Segment 3 – Tape B
Evening Magazine Promo 3/2 “Music Beach Boys”
Alan Tape #1 & Part of 2
Alan Tape #2
Alan Tape #3
Alan Tape #4
3/16 – Tape A
Evening Magazine – A-list Ch. 1 = music/nat. ch.2 =VO/Sot
A-list Tape B
PM Magazine –Story Master WJZ-TV –Jason & the Skipjacks
Smithsonian #2 – Air & Space “B”
Open A


Box 178.

Wraps #1 -4/16
Wraps #2 – 4/12
Wraps #2 – 4/13
Wraps #2 – 6/14 (Jamie Bachelor Party)
Wraps 1969 – Tape A
Wraps 1969 – Tape B (Part 2)
Wraps Marise 8/21/87
Wraps 1969 – Tape B
Wraps #1 -2/23 Tape B
Wraps #4 – 3/10 (Tease & Promo)
Wraps 3/22
Wraps #1- 2/21
Wraps 3/5 (Promo for B 3/27)
Wraps #1 – 3/1
Wraps #1 – 3/28
Wraps #2 – 3/28
Wraps #2 – 3/16
1969 Tape A Part 2
Wraps #2 –  4/16
Wraps 2/26


Box 179.

Evening Magazine Arabb’s #2 –Tape A
Evening Magazine Arabb’s #2 –Tape B; 11/21
Evening Magazine Arabb’s #4; Tape A; 11/27(Roland Interview)
Evening Magazine Arabb’s #5 –Tape A 11/21
Evening Magazine Arrabers Tape A
Evening Magazine Arrabers Tape B
Evening Magazine Ed Asner – A-Roll
Arnold/Danny – Tape A
Arnold/Danny – Tape B
Evening Magazine A-Rabs #1B 11/22/89
Evening Magazine A-Rabs #4
Evening Magazine A-Rabs #5B
Evening Magazine A-Rabs #6B
Evening Magazine Archive B/W
Alcan Tara Final Edit
Alz Water B=Roll 2/27
Alz on Tap – Tape A
Alz on Tap- Tape B
Ayrnahey (?) #10
T. Arrabb #1A


Box 180.

Promo 4/13
Laser Video
Atlantic City  B-Roll
Audio 2
Evening Magazine – 1999
Evening Magazine Alz #1 -1/24
Evening Magazine Alz #2 – 1/25
Amnesty Tape 1
Amnesty Tape 2
Travel Safety- Tape A
Travel Safety- Tape B
Aspen Lodge Condo -3/17 Tape A
Aspen Lodge Condo -3/17 Tape B
All the Way – Tape A
All the Way – Tape B
Segment 4 (Re-cut)  A-Roll Master
Promo 3/30
Resume Dub
ABC Fall Presentation (DUB)
Ben Wilson – Dune Kobo’s Commercial 2/17/87


Box 181.

Evening Magazine Alz Flemming Brown Tape 1 2/27
Evening Magazine Alz Flemming Brown Tape 2
Evening Magazine Alz Flemming Brown Tape 3
Evening Magazine Alz Tape #3 1/25
Evening Magazine Alz Tape #4
Evening Magazine Alz Tape #3 1/29
V.O. Stills – 1/31
Kids Diner & American Diner – Tape A
Kids Diner & American Diner – Tape B
Evening Magazine Alz. Flemming Brown  Tape# 1 – 2/27
Evening Magazine Alz. Flemming Brown  Tape# 3 – 2/27
Amazing Randy A-Roll
Amazing Randy B-Roll
Segment 2A
Segment 2B
Segment 3A
Segment 3B
Ed Asnor Original A-Roll
Ed Asnor Original B-Roll


Box 182.

Wraps #1 10/23
Wraps #2 4/4
Wraps #1 4/2
Wraps 6/29/89
Wraps #1- 10/20
Wraps #1-3/22
Wraps #2 9/26
Wraps #2 -4/5/90
Wraps #1 8/23
Wraps #1 8/8 (Bloopers)
Wraps #2 Europe Italy
Wraps #2 – 4/10
Wraps 8/1
Wraps Music: 227,28-31
Wraps 11/21 – 11/23
Wraps #2 3/30 – Donald Trump 11:30-12am 4/4/90


Box 183.

Rockwell Bridges –Loving 2/86
Touchstone Pictures “Alive” (clips and trailers) 12/17/92
WJZ-TV #799517 “Ethel’s Re-run 4/2/88
WJZ-TV 13 Evening Magazine: Australia Stories – “Australia’s Amazing Underground City”
O’Conner Sound Effects Library #2
VO’s – reel one 151 – 2/87
1969 A Part 1
1969 B Part 1
Danyell Irby
Trama Doc – Audio Scratch Track
Abducted Baby – 1. Segment News Interview
Done Works 4/86
Anniversary Elements 2/87


Box 184.

AM Radio #A
AM Radio #B
Bill Esposito 3/31/78
Evening Magazine Tape 2
Cry Baby Clips 2/90
Angela Davis Reversals; Wonderland Zapper “Seals”
Keefe Clemens #1
Child Abuse 10/85
Chemical Hyperactivity #2
Booker T. Washington #12
ABC KTVI- Dressy D-307
Elite 1, Mon. 3/88
Doug WMS.
Weather Audition
T. Beverly at top 3 years old; Shallon; Ruby Bee Interview
Acupuncture #A
Acupuncture #B
Tracy Austin #A
Alma #1 Stills interview etc. 9/91
Dan Arroyo Z versions 6/28
Evening Magazine- Air Bags #A (there is not B tape)
Bill Spicer – “Driving Jumps After Blast” Demo Reel
VO – Evening Dept. (Master tape)
13 WJZ-TV Van20 Edit Master; V-0022
#5 Stills
Cut-Ins 12/28
New Shot Ripping  – Old Ramp #5 (6/26/97)
PM Magazine: Promo 9/19
PM Magazine: Lucy Stills T6
Last Show Seg. 1 Master 5:13
Evening Magazine:  BB’s 12/20 #A
Marine #1
Evening Magazine – “Excellence” 2/88 #2
Maribel Easterly Package Programing
Forkan Master (?)
Dr. Broca (?) #3


Box 185.

WJZ-TV13 Dub of Randy Milligan 6/22/89
Love Boat Master Edit “Love Boats Real Crew” 5/16/80
Dog Camp Master Edit “Summer Camp for Dogs” 5/21/80
Atlantic Caldor Rainbow Animation 6/6/83
Sunday ABC News one Feed 5-6pm Net 2
Saturday ABC News one Feed 10:30-11:30pm Net 2
Saturday ABC News WNT Feed 6-7pm Net 1
Master Tape  3/14 DUB
Evening Magazine: ABC, CBS, NBC News Anchors – Tom Brokaw, CBS affiliates Dan Rather 43 Hours, Peter Jennings; (WNT- Behind the Scenes Tom Brokaw)
Larry Angelo Show Video
Forever Elvis
Show DUB; 5/29/79, 5/30/79
APA Lynda’s Story DUB
WJZ-TV 13Evening Magazine – To DUB – Act Vandalism


Box 186.

Evening Magazine Tape 2 “Missing Child”
Bill Still #1
Pentagon  #30 4/88
PM Magazine – Judge & Congressman “Female Judge Kills” Bogota #B
Emerson Coleman Stand-up
Heather Interview & Mt. Royal #1
Tape #2
Evening Magazine; Bryn Mawr Terrace #1; #43
Lon B-Roll Grave & Intersection
Bars & Tone (ALP) 4/85
2KTVI News Dept. F-486 – Bike-Athon
Anniversary Elements #3
“US” stills
40th Seg I Recut A-Roll
Audio 12/21/89(?)
Jazz Special B-Roll
Ray Goodman & Brown Tape II
Jane Kennedy
Unhole 343817.v7.33-53
Rev. Peter Kalangula of Namibia Interview
Smokey News 7/81
Wally Dunlop Pics #1
Wally Dunlop Pics #2
Tape #4
Key West Credit Pkg.
Kalangula Cutaways (?)
Norm Master Edit #A
Mix Tape “Nothing but the Best” Prod 7/85
Spillman (?) Tape B
Video #2
Evening Magazine
Music Earthquake Kids
Demise Voice Over SEG I Recut & Segs 3,4,5
Gooney Bird’s 50th 12/18/85; Noon; Tape #42
Hilary DUB #1


Box 187.

24 Hours Credit Roll
Evening Magazine: V.O. Comics
V.O.  #102
C.A. & Tim; Aerobic Dancing M396;  Ins/Outs 10/9/80
Feb 9. # 3 – 123 (11/86)
Conference 2 #7/34 Visit Camil/Interview Rose/Mary Visits
Project Chapter 1
Spring Training, Florida Trip  (RF Dub) #8
Baltimore 81’ Howard (?)
Andrea Kirby #4828
Evening Magazine KYW-TV13- Elle Mcpherson Promo Reel
Mike Barkann Resume Tape
Field Master Ralph 0-6
Joshua  Walowitz Resume Tape
Astro I  #2; Durranee #2
Aerobureau Corporation Demo – Skynews
Frank Interview #1 Feb 11 #3; 127
Anne Marie Story V.O.
V.O. 3/16
Retarded Comp 10-B


Box 188.

Evening Magazine: “Desi Arnaz, Jr.
Reel #1 News Film transfer 8/2/68 – 6/24/69 (Anchor Writer Marshall)
Reel #2 News Film transfer 11/14/68-12/29/69
Reel #3 News Film transfer 2/2/70-6/29/70
Desi Arnaz, Jr. Master
Stills & Saddles Dub for Burt 4/10/90
Weekend Travel Update Pilot w/Paul Ryan & Michelle Roth 1/13-14/90
Jim Smith Resume Tape
WJZ-TV Fall 1983 – “It’s A Good Feeling to Know” Fall Campaign Directed by Dick Goggin
Level 42- Hot Water; Cinderella – Shake Me
Evening Magazine – Film  Reel #1, #2, #3 (Aquarium’s Under H2O footage)
Chef Tall – Strawberries; Laura; Hypotension Pt. 2; Bob –Pace to recycle newspaper
Stills Tape #4
Sophie’s Choice; Izzy Carroll “Sports Lineup”
Supremes Stills No.1
WJZ-TV-Royal Graphics  


Box 189.

“Panorama” Demo Tape (Rosemary Reed)
Days of Heaven – The Farmer (File Movie Clip)
Van Dyke et. Al
Air Quality McLain
Bob Mancuso -Resume Tape
E. Eric Johnson III -Resume Tape
WJZ-TV Lisa Kelly – Resume Tape
B. Rollin Pics; Von Ryan; Way Out
ABC Fall Promotional 2nd Edition Presentation 1983
Dracula Film Footage
Lottery Auditions
Reel to Reel .30 Second Promo; Mixed onto  Chp. 2
WPCQ-TV Sales Presentation For John Alexander Specials 13:10
Mr. Bennie Marks Resume Tape


Box 190.

From a Mother’s Arm; Jim Brown; Exit the Rainmaker; Dry White Season
Friends in the Holyland (WJZ-TV) Producers: Ed Reahl, Aileen Weiner
Friends in the Holyland (WJZ-TV) Producers: Ed Reahl, Aileen Weiner
Friends in the Holyland (WJZ-TV) Producers: Ed Reahl, Aileen Weiner
Full Metal Jacket A-Roll
Full Metal Jacket B-Roll
V.O. tape
V.O. #B 4/20
Funny People (B)
Segmant IV re-cut B-Roll Master
PM Magazine –Reporters as Targets TRT
Fredericks of Hollywood (Lingerie)
French Rivera Master #5 (w/time code)
French Rivera Master #7 (w/time code) 11/20/78 Aired 514-15
French Rivera Master #8 (w/time code)
French Rivera Master #10 (w/time code)
French Rivera Master # 11 (w/time code)
#34 (?)


Box 191.

Michener 11 #123
Michener 12 #98A
C. Murphy #1
C. Murphy #3
C. Murphy #4
V.O. #13 (Evening Magazine)
Seg, 3 A-Roll
Seg. 4
Seg. 5&6  A-Roll
Seg. 1& 2 B-Roll
Phone & Murder Confession A-Roll
Phone Confession  B-Roll
Sadat Tow #3 Evening Magazine 8/19/87
Sadat #1 2/86
Anwar Sadat Inn TRT/4:14
#1 DUB Reese
#2 DUB Reese 9/84
V.O. – Speech Writer
Vo’s 10/84
V.O. “Travel Safety” 6/89
V.O’s  “Ski” 5/15/81
V.O.’s Hideaway
Open A 3/86
Open B 6/86
Open DUB
Commodores #1 (Scene Shots Merry X-mas Tease)
Commodores #3 Bob’s Reversal
Commodores #4
UCP DUB #5 Norman
UCP DUB #4 Norman 1986
TRAX 2/9 A-Roll
TRAKS 11/16-17 (9/86)


Box 192.

Mary Wiley #1
Mary Wiley #2
Mary Wiley #3
Mary Wiley #4
Mary Wiley #5
Mary Wiley #6
Mary Wiley #7
Mary Wiley #8
Elvis V.O.’s Donna I.
Elvis Interview audio tape 201 6/86
UCP – Karate Demo B-104; 2/86
UCP Adult Division #1 -12/21/89
Jonathan DUB #1
Jonathan DUB #2
Jonathan DUB #3
Billy #1
Billy #1 10/4
Billy #2 10/4
Billy #3
Commodores #5
Tape 1/87
For Kids’ Sake
DUB UCP #3 Norman ‘86
Evening Magazine Cathy #2
Evening Magazine Cathy #4
Elvis B&W Stills
“Magic Me” – Inns of Evergreen 8th Grade B.F. #1
“Magic Me”- Ben Franklin (Heather) #1
“Magic Me” – Booker T. #1
Evening Magazine; Archbishop Curley
Delrey UCP DUB #1
Delrey DUB #3
Pick Gregory work tape #3
Gregory Speech Part I.
Hidden Nuke Files A-Roll
Hidden Nuke Files B-Roll


Box 193.

Glen Turman Interview Master
Evening Magazine #5 “ Hilton Williams” Interview
Evening Magazine #5 “ Hilton Williams”
Evening Magazine #8 “ Hilton Williams” S. Murdock Sound Bite
Evening Magazine #9 “ Hilton Williams” – A.L. Was, A. Murdock Interviews
Evening Magazine #12 “ Hilton Williams”
Evening Magazine #10 “Hilton Williams” Prison; Matt Fenly Interview
22# Mt. Royal #3
23# “Magic Me” #1 Interview (Alfred)
24# “Magic Me” #2 Interviews
25# “Magic Me” # 4 Interview (Patty)
26# “Magic Me” # 4 Interview (Patty)
#27 Bryn Mawr Interviews #1
#28 Bryn Mawr Interviews #2
#29 Bryn Mawr Interviews #3
#29 (con’t)  Bryn Mawr Interviews #4
40# Eugene #6
41# Eugene #7
42# Eugene #8
44# Evening Magazine Bryn Maur Terrace #2 (Old woman Byte)


Box 194.

#45 Evening Magazine Bryn Maur #3
#50 Nevada #16 – Winner Beauty Shots/Dr. Stafford ER
#51 Mt. Royal visit #3
#52 Lady Md. #1
#54 Nevada
#63 Ambulance #1
#64 Ambulance #2
#65 Ambulance #3
#66 Ambulance #4
#67 Ambulance #5 (2nd Day) Part. I
#68 Ambulance #5 (2nd Day) Part II.
Open B-Roll
Teen Pregnant A-Roll
Teen Pregnant B-Roll
Sinbad B-Roll
Short People B-Roll
Rollins  Shoot Out F.B.
Exit the Rainmaker  B-Roll
Grocery Store Footage “Money” #10 B-Roll
Arthur Hailey A-Roll


Box 195.

Six Flags Over Texas Film #1
Marriott #2
Marriott #3
Bush Film #4
Astro World Film #1
Magic Mountain #4
Magic Mountain #5
Liz’s Bite Chapter 1 &2- “Distinguished Ladies and Gent”
Day in Life #1 A-Roll
Auditions Joe Roberts
Evening Magazine Cut –Ins 2/27
Accidental Tourist Hurt & Kasdan/Gregory
Downs Syndrome B-Roll
Bahamas B-Roll
Amy Irving B-Roll (Master)
Crimes Against Children: Reporter – Linda Schacht; Producer – Nancy Saslow; Editor- Kitty Brodrick
Apocalypse Now – Quad Clips
Retail Workshop Seminar – Preakness Promo
Boyd #3
Ben #4


Box 196.

Monday 11/27; Tuesday 11/28
Magic Me Dub
Pete Gary 16mm footage 5/92
Arthur Haley B-Roll
Carol Gregory WJZ-TV; Picker Dig;  K-USA Bone DUB
Carol Gregory WJZ-TV
Gemini Film #2
Magic Me DUB
Blk Burst & Time Code St.
Breakthrough With Elvis
Elvis #1
Bahamas A-Roll
Evening Magazine Tape #4 (In vitro fertilization)
Ed Hale A-Roll
Ed Hale B-Roll
V.O. – Patti Hearst
Evening Magazine Tape #6 (In vitro fertilization)
Michael Jackson #7


Box 197.

“Magic Me” #1 Opening w/Hosts
Evening Magazine –Rap Heavy Metal B-Roll #1
Evening Magazine –Rap Heavy Metal B-Roll #2
Jimmy Moore #1 (Eye 20)
Norm Master Edit B-Roll
Evening Magazine Poople A-Roll
A-Roll Master 5/86
A-Roll Master 5/86
A-Roll Master 5/86
B-Roll Master 5/86
B-Roll Master 5/86
B-Roll Master 5/86
C-Roll Master 5/86
D-Roll Master 5/86
Foxtrot #1
Mandela A-Roll master edit 2/12
Mandela A-Roll; B-Roll
Mandela B-Roll Master Edit 2/12
Mandela A-Roll; B-Roll
Magic Me – Bryan Maur #5 (5/88)
Fox Network A-Roll
Fox Network B-Roll
Gaynell #8
R.F. Gambling Footage
Elizabeth Taylor Speech
UCP DUB Delrey #2
Evening Magazine: Scott Firestone 2” Master Reel Promos
Evening Magazine: Feb. Fla. SFX
PM Magazine Field Master Edgar Allan Poe #2 10/24


Box 198.

11/21 Gary #3
Navy Bomb School A-Roll
Nevada Orovada  Class #11
Nevada Orovada #14
Nevada #9 Forge Interview #1
Lisa Lisa  B-Roll
Michael Jackson B-Roll
Evening Magazine: Ben McDonald 9/22 A-Roll
Evening Magazine: Ben McDonald 9/22 B-Roll
Evening Magazine: Ben McDonald 9/22
Shakedown Promo- Max Headroom
Mikulski stills & Camera Audio